2 Years Post-op + Botox

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Raised Eyebrows After Botox

I had Botox done about 5 days ago. I look like Mr. Spock! My eyebrows are raised and it doesn't look pretty. I had Botox 2 years ago and experienced... READ MORE

Lumps on forehead after Botox injections? When will they go away? (Photo)

I've gotten Botox injections in my forehead from my dermotologist for a little over 2 years now and have never had an issue. This time, I experienced... READ MORE

How Long Should It Take for 2 Units of Botox Injected into my Forehead to Fade?

I've been receiving Botox injections over the past 2 years for synkinesis due to a case of Bell's Palsy in 2000. The injections have always... READ MORE

Have Been Getting Botox Every 10 Weeks Since 2009, but in 2011 a Line Appeared Across my Forehead Anyway. Why? (photo)

Read this before you answer: I am depressed, and I live and work alone, so my facial expressions are minimal. I have no crows' feet at all,... READ MORE

Can Botulinum Grow in the Injection Site Even After Sometime?

I had Botox injection 2 yrs ago on the sides of my nose & down before nose tip.Few months later, a small rice grain size cyst was noted on left... READ MORE

Is it true the more you have Botox injected the longer it stays? Can the results ever be permanent? I'm 30 years old next month.

I've been having botox every 3months for nearly 2yrs. The last 2times I had it done it has given me an adverse reaction. My eyes have sunken into my... READ MORE

Can my eye muscles compensate for the muscles that did not receive botox?

I was botoxed crowd feet under each eye and on top of each cheek. My question is, did all my muscles around my eyes get botoxed or not? And can some... READ MORE

Is my eyebrow drop permanent from 2 years ago? (photos)

I had botox about a year and a half ago for furrows. My right eyebrow drooped and has not gone back to normal. There is a difference between my eyes... READ MORE

Botox in the Jaw and Cheeks to Combat too Much Filler ?

About 2 years ago, after years of getting fillers in my lips and mouth, that never lasted beyond 8 weeks even after Advanta implants I never got the... READ MORE

Muscle isn't active after botox. It was 2 years since treatment. What to do? (Photo)

Hi i had botox for brow lift 2 years ago. It was the frst time. And it went wrong. The botox was placed to far out for the forehead wrinkles. And me... READ MORE

Had under eye Botox done a few years ago, now I suffer from dark circles. Are there non surgical procedures to fix this? (photo)

I see dark circles and bulging under my eye. So I have to wear makeup to cover the darkness. The bulge still exist. READ MORE

Can Botox cause acne?

2 years ago I had botox in my forehead and then shortly after had a very severe breakout that lasted for about 3 months. Are there cases where that... READ MORE

Botox isn't lifting my inner brows? Had Botox in procerus and outer orbicularis muscles.

I have been having Botox for 2 years trying to get a brow lift. My doctor injects into the frown lines and my outer orbicularis. My outer brow lifts... READ MORE

Puffy eyelid 2 years post Botox injections, any solutions?

I had Botox injected around eye forehead and elevat eyebrows in a specialist clinic this was 2 years ago.. the effect gone except for puffy... READ MORE

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