1 Year Post-op + Botox

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Is There Possible for Any Side Effects from Botox Injections (In the Armpits) Which Have Been Applied 1 Year Ago?

It's been more than 1 year since I've been administrated 12 botox injections in the armpits 6 to each. I recenly started to have severe... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect?

I had my nasofabial folds injected with fillers one whole year ago, i bruised heavily, a month later i noticed that the bruises did not completely... READ MORE

I Got Botox in my Forehead 12 Mths Ago and Developed Two Lumps Within 4-5 Days. I Still Have the Lumps. Will They Disappear?

One of the lumps is a 'V' shape above my right eyebrow and the other lump is circular and 4cm in diameter located above my left eyebrow. I... READ MORE

How Long Does Botox Stay when It Goes Systemic? Been 1 Year Still Having Multiple Problems.

The list goes on and on. Main concerns are horrible jaw and throat squeezing. Hearing dulls, visual disturbances,headaches still there. Had 100 units... READ MORE

Why Is My Botox NOT Working?

I started Botox injections in June of last year. My initial injection was 40units. I was ecstatic to say the least! It lasted almost '4'... READ MORE

Can Muscle Compensation Be a Long-term Effect of Botox?

I have this problem. It's as if some muscles got STRONGER to make up for the atrophy on the left side of my face, even though my last treatment was... READ MORE

15 Months of Suffering From Dizziness, Weakness and Blurry Vision From Botox. Will It Ever Stop?

15 months ago I had 100 units of botox injected in my neck. After few days I started to be extremely dizzy, I had double vision and I also had trouble... READ MORE

15 Months of Sickness and Weird Side Effects Due to Botox. Will I Ever Completely Recover?

I have been really sick for 15 months. Internist, two Opthamogists and Emergency Med doc, confirmed BOUTULISM SIDE EFFECTS. Have you had anyone... READ MORE

Eyelid Ptosis From Botox?

I had botox 1 yr ago and still am experiencing weakened eye muscle. On awakening I feel a struggle to open my lid. My eye always feels fatigued. Are... READ MORE

Botox Nightmare - Desperate for a Solution! Please Help? (photo)

My eyebrows 1 year after my original Botox treatment. The muscles are extremely Enlarged and Puff up very unnaturally. Botched botox by derm on... READ MORE

How to get rid of bumps in forehead after botox that is lasting more than one year?

How to get rid of bumps in forehead after botox that is lasting more than one year READ MORE

1 Yr Post Botox, Arched Muscle 24/7 Above My Brows?

I am 1 yr post botox. I had it in my glabella, forehead and crows feet region. It is still wearing off because my undereye are is still still trying... READ MORE

One year of Botox treatments and I still have lines with relaxed expression, possibly developing more lines. (photo)

I have been getting botox for a year. The picture you see is 14 days post last treatment. 35 units in my gabbella and 5 units each side brow lift. I... READ MORE

After Having my Nasofabial Folds Injected with Fillers Almost a Year Ago, I Had Hard Bruising and Discoloration?

It's above the mouth that looks like a light moustache .. do i have to be injected with hylorunidase? which i do not prefer as i am now too scared or... READ MORE

Will regular botox injections over the next few decades really minimize signs of aging in the face?

I'm 28 and have been getting botox for 1.5 years; roughly every 4 months. For now, I only get 20 units and it's only in my forehead, but when I'm a... READ MORE

How to prevent my eyelid from drooping after having Botox? (Photo)

Hello, I wonder if you could suggest me and give some advises for preventing the dropped lines beneath my eyes! I'm 20 years old I have had Botox last... READ MORE

1 year post op Botox, my lips turn downward. What is the problem? (photos)

Pls reference my photos. Rec. so far have been mid face lift, fillers n laser treatment or corner lipLift. Lips were never dwnward just until last yr... READ MORE

Swelling After Botox?

I am a NP and have used botox between my brow w/o any problem (thru a Plastics MD) since it came out. The last time (1yr ago) I developed significant... READ MORE

Can Botox damage be reversed?

Hi, I Had botox injected under my eyes a year ago, and have noticed the top of my cheeks are flat, like there is a 'dead' spot . My face doesn't feel... READ MORE

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