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Neck Pain After Botox for Chronic Migraines

I had my first treatment of botox for chronic migraines just over 24 hours ago. I was given 145 - 150 units total over my forehead, several injections... READ MORE

Botox For Migraines Resulted in Pains In Neck and Shoulders?

Two weeks ago I was injected in head/neck area for migraine pain. Though I have had no headaches, what I have had is worse, more like a constant... READ MORE

How long does one experience neck and shoulder pain and tightness after the Botox?

I have on and off muscle tightness and pain. I got the injections a week ago headaches are so much better, but this is new. Should I expect it to go... READ MORE

Why am I having recurring neck and shoulder pain after my botox injections?

The botox injections were a month ago and for Chronic migraines and a whiplash injury. Is this a normal side effect. My doctor now wants to do a... READ MORE

Botox for Migraines and Severe Neck Pain

I had 3 level neck fusion (C4-7) March 2012. I also have chronic migraines and had 31 botox injections Nov. 2013. I asked my neuro if the neck... READ MORE

Neck pain after Botox.

I had botox for the first time 40 shots for TMJ. I ad terrible jaw pain which has subsided along with 25 days of headaches . One problem , My neck... READ MORE

Neck pain one month after Botox for migraines. Any suggestions?

I am having severe neck pain on my left side that rums down my shoulder and back since my Botox injection. I returned to my doctor a couple of days... READ MORE

How long does muscle weakness last after botox on average?

I recently received botox injections for severe neck and shoulder muscle tightness/pain and migraines. I received most of the injections in my... READ MORE

Is this normal when you get Botox for migraines?

I am scared, I feel terrible every day. Had botox about a month ago for migraines, my neck, back hurt bad, nausea, and my head has been dizzy since(... READ MORE

Had Botox for migraine 10/10/15. 2 weeks after develop neck and shoulder pain. Pain gets severe upon movement.

What is causing my shoulder pain after Botox injection? Should I still try to get a third dose since my headaches got better? READ MORE

Is severe pain in back, shoulders & neck for weeks normal after Botox shots for migraines?

Is this normal? The pain actually makes me wince. It really burns & travels upward. How long will it last? Is this going to happen every time I get... READ MORE

Why do I have terrible neck pain after Botox migraine treatment?

I had botox treatment 18 day's ago. I don't have headache any more, but terrible pain in shoulders and neck killing me READ MORE

I had Botox for migraines

I had droopy eyelid and also this awful neck pain for quite sometime. I had read about the eyelid being droopy. But, haven't seen anything for neck... READ MORE

I had my first Botox for migraine treatment 10 days ago for chronic daily migraines. What are normal side effects?

My symptoms include (a) severe neck pain and by end of day, can barely hold my head up, (b) headache pain has increased dramatically (minimally 7/10)... READ MORE

I had Botox 5 days ago for migraines from pain in my shoulder & neck. At first I felt 100% better BUT by day4 the pain is back!

Suffering from migraines caused by chronic pain in my shoulder/neck. The 2days after Botox I was 100%pain-free (a little sleepy&swollen eye lids). The... READ MORE

Should I continue another round of Botox when having severe side effects and now being sent to an optical surgeon?

I am going into my 5th month of my 2nd round. I have had a terrible exp with side effects, the 1st round my neck pain was so severe along with... READ MORE

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