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Neck Pain After Botox for Chronic Migraines

I had my first treatment of botox for chronic migraines just over 24 hours ago. I was given 145 - 150 units total over my forehead, several injections... READ MORE

Botox for Migraines: Creating More Intense Headaches Than Before

I just had about 200 units of Botox administered for chronic tension headaches. This was performed by a neurologist in Atlanta, GA. The injections... READ MORE

Botox For Migraines Resulted in Pains In Neck and Shoulders?

Two weeks ago I was injected in head/neck area for migraine pain. Though I have had no headaches, what I have had is worse, more like a constant... READ MORE

Will Treating Chronic Migraines with Botox in the Neck Affect my Acupuncture Treatment?

I've suffered with chronic migraines for 18 months. After trying many different medications, I've started looking into TCM and acupuncture. Having... READ MORE

Neck soreness after Botox for migraine. Other than ice, is it OK to use heat?

Had my first botox treatment for migraines 4 days ago and feeling headache free for 2 days now but have neck and shoulder soreness it think from the... READ MORE

Botox For Migraine effective if NOT injected in the neck ans shoulders?

I have had severe neck pain (occipital to traps)  from my last treatment three weeks ago. Some answers say to not inject in the traps if this... READ MORE

I got injected for Botox for Chronic Migraines. The injection sites included my temples, scalp & neck. Is Botox Causing this?

I got injected for Botox for Chronic Migraines. The injection sites included my temples, scalp and neck area. It has been about 3 weeks. Since about 2... READ MORE

. Is there any way to find out exactly what is in the Botox? I read below that eggs are used in the process? What else?

I noticed a slight rash after my treatment with Botox for my migraines four months ago. This time within a week of my last injections I have developed... READ MORE

I've had head drop for 6 wks with no relief in sight after having 200 units of Botox injections for migraines. When will it end?

The injecting neurologist told me that there's nothing that can be done and that it will wear off. I have severe neck pain and strain and the muscles... READ MORE

Flushing, numbness and tingling started suddenly, two days after Botox for migraines. (photo)

I had Botox injections in my forehead and temples and the back of my neck/shoulders for migraines (also had my crows feet done while I was there).... READ MORE

I was injected with Botox for migraines on November 17 . Is this normal?

Still today i get sharp needle feeling pains in shoulder injection sites. Is this normal and what can i do to make it stop. Was injected around... READ MORE

Botox for migraines side effects: can it cause weak muscles in your jaw and back of neck?

I had numerous injection sites including 3 on each side of my trapezius, 1 on the nape of my neck, 3 on each side of my occipital lobe, numerous in my... READ MORE

I am having Botox shots for pain relief in my head and neck. Can I have foot surgery close to my Botox date? (photo)

I had sta pegs put in my feet in 2003 and one has came out. The Dr is going to do an MRI and then take the peg out. I also am scheduled to have some... READ MORE

I had botox at the base of my neck. Could the side effects cause dizziness and fatigue?

5 days ago, I saw a plastic surgeon who treats migraines with botox. He said he hadn't done many injections in the base of skull & upper neck for... READ MORE

Can Botox injections for migraines spread and cause sudden hearing loss?

I had botox injections for migraines. This was about 27 injections around my upper ear, forehead, and neck area. A few days after the injections I... READ MORE

Is head throbbing, neck weakness, and headache normal after Botox injections for Migraines?

Injections were in shoulders, ear to ear scalp, under skull near neck, near temples in hair, upper forehead hairline, jaw muscles & between brows.... READ MORE

I had Botox for migraines 2 weeks ago. I hurt worse and my neck is killing me

I have never hurt like this in my life on my neck can'yt hardly hold up on a scale of 1to 10 I am an 11 I need help please tell me something good READ MORE

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