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How Long Does Botox Take to Work if Used for Tension Headaches?

 How quickly does this treatment work to relieve tension headaches and how does it compare to medication? Also, how long does it last? READ MORE

Botox for Migraines - Does It Work?

I have been having bad migraines for almost my entire life and they kill me or at least feels like they will. I have heard about Botox... READ MORE

Is botox effective for occipital tension type headaches, and where would the injections be?

I have had chronic tension based headaches for the past five months. The pain is mainly on the back of my head, both sides, although it can migrate... READ MORE

How long does one experience neck and shoulder pain and tightness after the Botox?

I have on and off muscle tightness and pain. I got the injections a week ago headaches are so much better, but this is new. Should I expect it to go... READ MORE

Could you explain to me how Botox help migraines? I'm really suffering and want to get on board, but it is counterintuitive.

Why should I (a migraine sufferer) trust a word of what plastic surgeons have noticed a side effect of a cosmetic treatment (Botox to help alleviate... READ MORE

Headache forehead and bridge of nose a week after botox for migraines how can I stop it??

I had botox for migraines 6 days ago to be precise. About 2 days later to currently I've had a permanent terrible headache main I the bridge of nose... READ MORE

Can Botox still be in your system after an year an 5 months?

The reason I'm asking is because I did my very first treatment for my migraines then an today I have a headache in the spots that was so tender then... READ MORE

Is head throbbing, neck weakness, and headache normal after Botox injections for Migraines?

Injections were in shoulders, ear to ear scalp, under skull near neck, near temples in hair, upper forehead hairline, jaw muscles & between brows.... READ MORE

What do I do about my headache?

I get migraines and headaches everyday and sometimes they go away and sometimes they do not. I have a high tolerance for drugs and when I get a... READ MORE

Can Botox travel through my body?

Since I got Botox for migraines my headache feels like it's going to explode Iam on day 6 I can't even get up Iam so dizzy and feel like my head is... READ MORE

Should I still be nauseous, light sensitive & get bad headaches from severe ptosis caused by Botox for migraines? (Photos)

Different Dr did my shots this time and injected too close to my eyebrow. Day 5 my eye closed halfway, by day 10 it was completely closed. 1.5 months... READ MORE

I had botox for migraines 11 days ago and the next day I have been suffering from very intense headaches. Is this normal?

If it is normal than could you please tell me how much longer am I going to have to suffer. I get them very bad especially at night and every single... READ MORE

I received Botox for migraine/headaches, I have osteoporosis and I have been feeling very heavy/ weak. When will this go away?

I received Botox for migrane headaches, I have osteoporosis and I have been feeling very heavy and weak since the injections a week ago. I Also have a... READ MORE

What options do I have to alleviate the headaches and the droopy eye from Botox injections.

I have been having Dr administered botox for migraine for years. This last left me with a droopy eyelid & my brow feels heavy. He said I must... READ MORE

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