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Is the Weight Loss from Body Wrap Permanent?

Body Wraps that claim you lose a minimum of 6 inches. You are wrapped like a mummy, then you do moderate exercise, toxins are released which should... READ MORE

Body Wrap Side Effects?

Does body wrap have any bad side effects? I have heard about "Simply Beautiful" bodywrap. It contains an enzyme solution called Lipase, which will... READ MORE

Will a body wrap work on tightening the skin under my arms? (Photo)

I've read about body wraps to help temporarily tighten the skin. Will this really work even though it may be temporary? If so, how long will the... READ MORE

Can Body Wrap Reduce Stretch Marks?

I was just wondering if body wrapping can help reduce stretch marks as well???? Also, does it make the body feel strong and tight? Because my legs are... READ MORE

It Works Body Wrap. Does it Actually Work and Is it Safe?

I've been hearing about the ItWorks body wrap that claims to detox your body in just 45 minutes. I'm wondering if it actually works and is safe for... READ MORE

Body Wraps and Breastfeeding?

Is it safe to use "it works!" body wraps while breastfeeding? can/will it effect my infant? READ MORE

Is Seran Wrap Safe to Be Wrapped on Skin?

I heard about body wraps that recommend that you use seran wrap to keep the body wrap in place. This company is popular. However,seran/cling wrap has... READ MORE

Blood in Urine After Body Wraps?

The day after i got a body wrap there was a lot of blood in my urine. I had a ua every week for 4 weeks before my urine was finally clear. There was... READ MORE

Do Body Wraps Help Tighten the Skin Along with Exercise?

I did a liposutction 10 days ago and i dont want to do a thigh lift surgery so would the body wrap with the heavy gym excercise help me to tighten my... READ MORE

Do the Body Wraps Really Work? Which Brand Works Best?

I've been feeling really bloated and swollen lately and I was told about body wraps as a suggestion but everywhere I've looked has been a... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take a Body Wrap to Work if You Don't Have a Lot of Loose Skin?

I am an 18 year old female, 5 foot 3 and I weigh about 110 pounds. I am quite thin and I am very healthy. I eat the proper amount of calories to... READ MORE

Is the popular "It Works Body Wrap Applicator" harmful for those with thyroid issues such as Hypothyroidism?

I want to know if it is safe for me to try this body wrap. I have looked around online and on the ItWorks official website and cannot find any... READ MORE

What can you tell me about "It Works" body wraps and products?

This is a network company Itworks with in home parties. Would like to know more about the body wraps, Itsvital-vitamins, Greens, Fat Fighter &... READ MORE

Body wraps + diet and exercise?

I want help increase weightloss in certain places since i seem to have more fat in my thighs and upper (not lower)stomach than should be .i was... READ MORE

Can I Smoke and Be Outside While Doing a Body Wrap?

Can I Smoke and Be Outside While Doing a Body Wrap? READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Body Wrap to Work?

I am using body wrap but it looks like my stomach is getting largerI use the body gel every day and nignt I use the wrap two times a month How long... READ MORE

Body wrap ( it works). Can I use it for my belly after c-section?

I had a baby in August 9, 2014 by c-section so can i use the wrap for my belly ? READ MORE

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