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When to Start Taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain? Before or After Surgery?

I'm Having a lower body lift in 3 days and i'm not sure when to start taking this medication? READ MORE

Best Time to Get Loose Skin Surgery After Weight Loss?

Hi, After a Weight Loss of 150 - 200 Lbs Still Having 100 - 125 Lbs. to Go when is It Time to Consider Surgery to Remove Loose Skin? I am not... READ MORE

How Long After Lower Body Lift Can I Perform Heavy Exercise Without Compromising My Results?

I workout 4-5 times per week, usually running 3-4 miles per day or a kickboxing workout. If I have a full lower body lift will I be able to resume... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Go to the Gym Aftet LBL?

How long should i wait after lower body lift to go ack to the gym and to actively workout there, I am 25 ,non smoker, no diabetes history. READ MORE

How Long After a Breast Lift/implants Should I Wait to Get a Lower Body Lift?

I have enough money to get a breast lift and implants, but not enough yet for a lower body lift. I lost over 80 pounds and would still like to lose... READ MORE

How Long After Gastric Bypass Are Plastic Surgery Improvements an Option? (photo)

Ok long story short, 5'6, 170 lbs, mother of 4, wife to deployed soldier, since Jan 2011 , 2 chosen, 2 not. One of the chosen was gastric bypass... READ MORE

Exercising After Body Lift

I have finally reached a point in my life where I can't go very long without exercising - it's part of my life now; with that said I will be having a... READ MORE

When is the Right Time to Start Plastic Surgery? (photo)

I have lost over 120 lbs over the last 3 years. I am incredibly unhappy and becoming depressed with the appearance of my body. I want to continue... READ MORE

Wait Time After Running a Marathon to Have a Body Lift?

I was just curious how long are you supposed to wait after you run a marathon before you can have a lower and upper body lift, is there any rules to that? READ MORE

7 Months After Lipectomy Skin Still Bruised. Is It Permanent?

I had a lipectomy and breast lift with implants in January. It has been 7 months and my right side is still bruised. Will it ever go away? I also want... READ MORE

I Am Not Sure How Much More Weight to Loose Before Body Lift, Breast Reduction, How Early Should I Consult for Surgery? (photo)

Im looking to have surgery done to remove excess skin/fat from my lower body/chest area due to weight loss. I have lost 160+ lbs.(over past 3 yrs.)so... READ MORE

Is 12 Days Off From Work Enough After Massive Surgery?

Am having breast revision/implant replacement, medial vert. thigh lift and buttock crease wedge lift (to address my excess skin on thighs due to... READ MORE

Best order of procedures after major weight loss? Can't combine for several reasons. (28, no kids). (photos)

Lost 100+ lbs through diet/exercise (5ft 5in; new weight 109lbs, stable 1+ yr); Still have resistant pockets of fat on thighs & above belly... READ MORE

Is this post LBL open wound a candidate for a Wound Vac machine? (Photo)

This occurred about 3 weeks after my LBL. My surgeon and my general MD said it will heal on its own. both agree this looks healthy and is not infected... READ MORE

What is the average length of surgery time for a Lower Body Lift (tummy tuck, outer thigh lift, butt lift)?

I received a second quote for my LBL today, and the doc is saying 10-12 hours under anesthesia. This seems crazy to me! In my first consult with a... READ MORE

Thigh Lift, TT, Breast Lift, Slim Lipo to Arms/Thighs/Knees/Upper Abdomen/Flanks/Lower Back/Upper Buttocks? (photo)

I have decided to have a few procedures, they will be done over 2 surgeries. Please advice me how you will divide these procedures into 2 surgeries... READ MORE

I am a post bariatric surgery patient. How do I know when I am ready for plastic surgery?

What are the criteria plastic surgeons look for? Is there psychological testing like with the WLS? How do I find a great surgeon with experience with... READ MORE

Open wound. (photo)

I have developed an open wound 3 weeks after lower body lift. Saw my plastic surgeoun and he put me on Bactrim. He said that it is possible that I... READ MORE

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