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Excess Lower Back Skin from Weight Loss. How to Correct It?

I have lose a lot of weight, I have excess skin in my lower back(along with my stomach) but for the back part bothers me the most. Is there any hope... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift or a Combination of Other Surgery and Treatments?

I’ve had two babies and have had weight fluctuations. For years now, I’ve been eating very healthy, and exercising almost daily, but this... READ MORE

100+ Pound Loss, Apple Shape, Stubborn Back/Stomach Fat: LBL or LBL with Anchor?

33, 5'5, 155. How do you as a surgeon, irregardless of extra scars, decide whether to do LBL or LBL with fleur de lis, and why are some surgeons... READ MORE

Skin Tightening Options After 50kg Weight Loss and Loose Skin?

Its not too bad but wrinkly and some little sagging around tummy, butt and inner thighs. Is there anything I can do besides surgery to get rid of... READ MORE

What's the an upper body lift and how much does it cost?

Does it remove the extra skin from chest, stomach, and back ? So it's like an upper body tummy tuck READ MORE

Can minors get excess skin removal surgery?

I'm 16 and I've lost 180 pounds in the past two years. I have a healthy bmi, and no health problems whatsoever. I have loose skin around my stomach,... READ MORE

Which procedures would get rid of hanging stomach & excess skin in other places of my body?

I had a VBG about 14 yrs ago. At my highest weight I was 350 lbs. Now I'm at 204 lbs. During this time my wt has fluctuated, but it has leveled out... READ MORE

What procedures do I need, and how much should I expect to pay? (Photo)

Firs time posting, ive recently starting looking into gettin surgery after my weight loss. i started dieting and exercising november 2013, and so far... READ MORE

I'm 61 yrs old, 5'8", 174. Need complete body lift can all of these be done at 1 time. Any suggestions?

Arm lift, breast lift/implant, tummy tuck, butt lift and thigh lift. I physically healthy just a lot of sagging skin. Would love to have just 1... READ MORE

What can be done to minimize the chance of hypertrophic scarring for a Body Lift procedure?

After losing more then 140 Lbs I have a lot of skin (stomach, underarms, etc.) and I would like to get a body lift. My concern is that I have suffered... READ MORE

According to scale I've gained 10lbs in one day. What can I do for swelling? (photos)

I'm 5wks post op from circumferential body lift, breast reduction and arms lift. I've swollen up 10lbs over night. My stomach has gotten so enlarged,... READ MORE

Excess skin on stomach, sides, hips and back. Is a body lift right for me?

I do not really understand exactly what a body lift is. I have excess skin on my stomach that extends all the way around my sides/hips and my back.... READ MORE

3 months PO Lower Body Lift with good results, my lower stomach muscles are sore when I work out. How long with this last?

I am almost 3 months PO Lower Body Lift with good results. I have just resumed core exercises (been having other surgeries so I had to wait to... READ MORE

Extra tummy skin after lipo and extra back skin after lipo. How much would it cost to have it removed?

A couple of months ago I had tummy, back, sides, lipo and now I'm left with extra hanging skin. What is the price range to have it removed? READ MORE

How much would skin removal surgery cost on the thighs, stomach and arms? Also breast implants? (photos)

I had a gastric bypass over a year ago and have lost 11 stone since then I have developed large amounts of excess skin and would like it removed with... READ MORE

How much should I weigh to be eligible for skin removal surgery?

I'm 18 years old, and I have lost roughly 75 pounds. I am 214.8 lbs currently, and already have a lot of loose skin. I really want skin removal... READ MORE

How long until lower body lift? (photos)

I had RNY 3/12/14 and lost 100 lbs. I've stayed between 152-156 for the past year. I think I still probably have excess weight to lose but am curious... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post lower body lift and wonder if I'm just swollen or indeed still have a lot of loose skin and fat? (photos)

I had a lower body lift almost 3 months ago. I lost almost 85 lbs naturally prior to surgery and over 10lbs of skin and tissue was removed during... READ MORE

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