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How Much Skin Can Be Tightened During Lower Body Lift?

I am 50 years old, 5'4" and 120 lbs. While pregnant, I gained 40 lbs. twice. I have saggy unsightly skin, cottage cheese and piles forming in... READ MORE

Is Lower Body Lift the Only Option?

I am 25 years old. I gained about 45lbs during pregnancy. I was left with tons of stretch marks and loose skin. I went for a consultation with a... READ MORE

Is a Lower Body Lift the Same Thing As a Body Lift?

What is the difference between a body lift and a lower body lift? I see some doctors say body lift and others call it a lower body lift and I just... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift or a Combination of Other Surgery and Treatments?

I’ve had two babies and have had weight fluctuations. For years now, I’ve been eating very healthy, and exercising almost daily, but this... READ MORE

Body Lift - How Long Do Results Last?

How long does the "lift" from body lift surgery last? I am 35, and I want to get a body lift, but I may wait if the results won't last... READ MORE

Financing Options for Body Lift?

I had gastric bypass about 3 years ago and now am left with sagging skin. I want to get the body lift surgery but am scared that because I filed... READ MORE

Other Options for Body Lift?

I was a fat child. In my teens, I lost about 100 lbs. I had a consultation for Liposuction to suck of some hard areas to get rid of fat pockets, and I... READ MORE

Will Lower Body Lift Remove Some of my Tattoo?

I have a full back tattoo that goes down to the crack of my butt and I was wondering if I would loose some of my tattoo if I had a Lower body lift. I... READ MORE

When Skin is Cut off During a Body Lift, How Much is Fat and How Much is Lean Body Mass?

Through diet and exercise, I have gone from 48% body fat to 15% body fat. I am planning on a body lift over the summer, and had the goal of getting to... READ MORE

Did Lower Body Lift 2weeks Ago Still Sagging Skin on Thighs, Why Is This?

I did a lower body lift 2 weeks ago and still I see my outer and back thighs have sagging skin I was not heavy 120lbs and not much skin to take out... READ MORE

How Much Excess Skin is Required for a Body Lift?

How do doctors measure excess skin? Is that is a primary factor for who qualifies for a body lift? READ MORE

How Do Surgeons Prep for Body and Arm Lift for the Most Natural Results?

What will the skin look like on the arm after a body/arm lift? READ MORE

Lower body lift or extended abdominoplasty? (photos)

I'm 207 lost 80lbs don't desire to be super skinny don't expect to have a flat tummy just the skin removed and I believe I'll be happy with the... READ MORE

Are full body lifts possible and is financial help available? (Photo)

I have be over weight my whole life I lost my husband and two children in 99 wore a size 24 clothes well depression I went to a 18 then in 2006 I was... READ MORE

200+ weight loss and considering skin removal surgeries. Is an out of state surgeon worth considering?

I have lost 200lbs with maybe 30 more to go with out having had bariatric surgery. I have a large amount of skin to remove and am reviewing drs. If I... READ MORE

Follow-up: Sore by side from the garments( binder). Skin slough.

Doctor put me in neosprin it looks like my side has never end skin irritation im gettin frustrated and i am 7 weeks post op now. Lowerbody lift. READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend? 2 years post-op gastric sleeve.

I'm 5'3 and weight in at 210. In October of 2014 I had the gastric sleeve, I've maintain 100+ weight loss. At this point I've not been able to lose... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post op lower body lift/fleur de lis tummy tuck.

I still have my drainage tubes under my CG and tummy wrap the tubes dug into my skin and are bleeding .. .The discomfort and pain I feel is from my... READ MORE

Before skin surgery is it best to be as small as possible without muscle bulk or to have muscles with as little fat as possible?

I have heard that before surgery like bodylift/thighlift/tummytuck, it is best to be as lean as possible, so it can be pulled as tightly as possible.... READ MORE

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