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Seroma to Lower Back Removed After Body Lift

Had circumfrential body lift with liposuction 8 weeks ago. formed a seroma at central lower back area. drain placed 3 weeks ago. drainage slowed to... READ MORE

When Does Risk of Seroma Pass After Having a Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I had a lower body lift (full circumferential) almost six weeks ago, during which my surgeon placed four drains. Two were removed at one week, one... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift and Seroma?

Hi, I had a lower body lift 2 weeks ago. I had the drains out this past Friday, and by Sunday I noticed fluid collecting in my lower abdominal/pubic... READ MORE

Still Having Pain in Lower Back with Swelling and Numbness in my Leg?

Had LBL in december had a really good recovery. I had a problem with re occurring seromas in my back which were drained three times. They kept coming... READ MORE

Seromas to Upper Buttocks After Lower Body Lift Persist After 3-1/2 Months

I had a lower body lift on 9/16. Drains in 6 wks that were putting out 90cc when they were pulled. I now have seromas in the upper part of my buttocks... READ MORE

I had a belt lipectomy and a seroma formed after 4 weeks. Had a corrective surgery and I'm still draining over 60cc 6 weeks post

I had a belt lipectomy done almost 6 months ago. 6 drains were inserted. My surgeon started pulling them one by one because the drainage was minimal.... READ MORE

Can weight be placed on abdominal seroma?

I am 6 weeks post circumferential body lift. I developed a large seroma in my lower ab/pubic are , PS was able to drain out 500 ml and placed a new JP... READ MORE

Seroma occurrence after body contouring for massive weight loss patients?

I was reading that although fairly common it is more likely for seromas to develop in pt's that have had massive weight loss prior to surgery. Is this... READ MORE

Revision to incision 1st layer cut skin after 6 month post op body lift leads to giant hole reaching to the abdominal. (photo)

Doc says he will cut 1st layer of skin to revise incision scar location. 4 days after the cut, I ask if I can remove the tape. Doc agrees and I remove... READ MORE

Seroma, doctor refuses to drain?

I had a lower body lift on 11/7/16, after 120 weight loss. I now have what I would guess is a larger seroma in from pubis area (see pictures). My PS... READ MORE

Open wound (draining) and compression garments? (Photo)

I have had circumferential body lift on June 30 , after about two weeks of surgery I developed infection and fluids accumulation( seroma ) , the... READ MORE

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