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Scarring from Body Lift

I have excess skin due to massive weight loss and it is recommended that I get a body lift. I did not have any surgeries, but was on medication for... READ MORE

Scars After Body Lift, Will They Ever Fade?

I am thinking seriously of performing a body lift after I lost 100 lbs but I am too concerned about the scars. I want to undergo an arm lift, thigh... READ MORE

Can I Remove the Loose Skin on my Backside and Thighs in One Surgery and What Scars Would I Have?

I am male, 28 year old and lost 140lb over 10 years ago. This left loose skin across my body. I have had a gynaecomastia procedure and full... READ MORE

Compression Garments are killing me! Is it shaping me or reducing swelling, reducing scars etc? Super excited re results (Photo)

I am post op day 9 from a belt lipectomy, tummy tuck and arm lift. I have had a pretty easy journey with pain hovering 5-6 out of 10 and sometimes 7.... READ MORE

Anterior T Scar for Bodylift Due to Previous Scar?

I recently met with my surgeon and he told me that because of an old barely noticeable tummy ring scar I have just above my navel (about 0.2in wide, 0... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for Lower Body Lift. And when is it safe to fly?

I had a tt 1.5 yrs ago & pleased with it. However, my dr & I agree that I may benefit more from an lbl. I may have this procedure done on Monday but... READ MORE

7 Months After Lipectomy Skin Still Bruised. Is It Permanent?

I had a lipectomy and breast lift with implants in January. It has been 7 months and my right side is still bruised. Will it ever go away? I also want... READ MORE

I had a posterior body lift for loose skin about 6 months ago, and the scars are uneven, what can be done?

I had a posterior body lift for loose skin about 6 months ago. The scar on the right side is in the correct position, but the left is too high. In... READ MORE

Lower body lift scar issues 8 months PO, is this normal? (photo)

I had a lower body lift 8 months ago recently I discovered some discomfort and notice that I have like a blister and it feels tender. It hurts when I... READ MORE

Does driving after a lower body lift widen scars?

Would getting in and out of a car widen lower body lift scars? READ MORE

Had a lower body lift 7 months ago after loosing 100 lbs. I'm concerned about my scars. (photos)

Scars are raised and red post lower body lift. Will they get better on their own or do I need treatment? Any suggestions on how to address?  READ MORE

Will chronic acne on my butt cause problems with having a lower body lift?

I have recurring acne, sometimes painful, and many scars on my buttocks. Will this interfere with having a lower body lift? Trying to get in to see a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Body lift scars hiding?

My body lift scars are 3 months old. They are flat but dark and discolored and other are still red. I am applying all the creams prescribed by my ps.... READ MORE

Could my surgery be redone? Is this acceptable work for a PS? Incision openings with a corset trunkplasty. (photos)

I had a corset trunkplasty March 4th 2016. About a month after my incisions started opening, my PS had left the clinic 7 days after so I have only... READ MORE

I'm 2.5 months post lower body lift & spiral thigh lift. Is it normal to have little energy?

I'm noticing I still tire easily and I used to be high energy before surgery. Is this normal? I'm also noticing my scar has gone from pink/red to a... READ MORE

I developed a pressure ulcer(?) after lower body lift. How long do these usually take to heal? How bad will the scar be? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift. For the first week, my buttom area was hurting really bad every time I sat or laid down, all the time. Exactly 1 week later,... READ MORE

Scar healing phases. (Photos)

I had a body lift 10 weeks ago but unfortunately, 3 weeks into my recovery the back incision opened (left side), and that part of the incision now... READ MORE

How hard would it be to fix body lift scar that's too high? I'm worried because it shows above my pants (Photos)

I had a lower body lift in July. I'm thrilled to be able to move without the loose skin knocking my pants down so I feel petty even asking this but I... READ MORE

I can barely find any information on Flank Lifts and what the scars look like for a Flank Lift.

I would like to see photos, outcomes, comparisons, reviews, costs, etc! Can anybody help me with this. Thanks! READ MORE

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