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Lift for Sagging Back Skin?

I am pretty thin, never had any weight problem and never had any plastic surgery on my body. However, I have sagging skin on both sides of my middle... READ MORE

How Much Skin Can Be Tightened During Lower Body Lift?

I am 50 years old, 5'4" and 120 lbs. While pregnant, I gained 40 lbs. twice. I have saggy unsightly skin, cottage cheese and piles forming in... READ MORE

Will insurance cover or help with any skin removal surgeries after major weight loss?

I've always been told that insurance won't cover any skin removal surgeries because they are considered cosmetic. i have also been told they might... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Body Lifts for Non-cosmetic Purpose?

Are Body lifts covered by insurance if sagging skin causes back pain, or you have skin tears due to sitting on the folds of skin, etc.? READ MORE

Is a Lower Body Lift the Same Thing As a Body Lift?

What is the difference between a body lift and a lower body lift? I see some doctors say body lift and others call it a lower body lift and I just... READ MORE

Body Lift - How Long Do Results Last?

How long does the "lift" from body lift surgery last? I am 35, and I want to get a body lift, but I may wait if the results won't last... READ MORE

What to Do for Remaining Flaccidity of Butt/thighs Post Lower Body Lift?

I had a lower body lift and inner thigh lift (groin incision) 5 wks ago and while the TT portion looks great I have significant loose skin on the... READ MORE

Body Lift + Liposuction for Weight Loss Patient?

I have lost 60 pounds I gained after having twins and a another baby. Resulting in excess saggy skin & fat around my belly and thighs. My height... READ MORE

Financing Options for Body Lift?

I had gastric bypass about 3 years ago and now am left with sagging skin. I want to get the body lift surgery but am scared that because I filed... READ MORE

How Much Would a Lower Body Lift with Brazillian Butt Lift Cost?

I am a woman in my early forties who's lost 40 lbs and am looking to lose 20-30 more. I I have a lot of sagging all over my body and flattening of... READ MORE

How Many Body Parts Are "Lifted" During a Body Lift Procedure?

For someone who has lost a lot of weight and has sagging skin, what are the typical areas that are lifted during a body lift? READ MORE

How to Decide on Procedures & Choose a Surgeon when They Present Such Different Treatment Plans & Staging? (photo)

Lost 115 lbs, left w/ saggy skin...met with 5 board certified plastic surgeons, and instead of being closer to a decision, I'm more confused. I've... READ MORE

Can I Get a Lower Body Lift Without a Tummy & Thigh Tuck?

I know you can get a bbl but i dont feel like that would do justice to my butt. my butt is saggy and it needs a good lift...for example like the... READ MORE

Did Lower Body Lift 2weeks Ago Still Sagging Skin on Thighs, Why Is This?

I did a lower body lift 2 weeks ago and still I see my outer and back thighs have sagging skin I was not heavy 120lbs and not much skin to take out... READ MORE

Can You Get Lipo Done While Losing Weight, to Improve Chances of Sagging Skin?

I have a significant amount of weight to lose. I'm a 5'7 female, 19 years old. I weighed 380 pounds. I'm currently at 330 pounds. As I lose weight,... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a body lift? If so what procedures would you recommend? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck and bra line back lift but am still plagued by extra skin/fat on my flanks and back and a saggy bottom/loose inner thigh skin. It... READ MORE

Will a Body lift, Extended Tummy Tuck & side Thigh Lift help with cellulite & sagging of skin on my upper thighs & buttocks?

I would like to get the right surgery; I need a tummy tuck & lifting of thighs & butt; right side of thigh look awful I have lumps of extra fat there.... READ MORE

How can I lift the sagging skin on back thighs and butt without surgery? I was never really heavy. I am 50 (Photo)

I need a consultation ASAP as how to proceed. And stomach . These pictures are depressing help Thanks READ MORE

Whats Procedure Should I Opt So That I Can Get Rid of the Sagging Skin off my Body?

I have lost significant amount of body weight in the last two years due to which now i am facing problem of sagging skin around my stomach and my butt... READ MORE

Fast weight loss (80lbs) left me with saggy skin (lower back,buttocks). Would Beltlipectomy and Liposuction solve it? (photos)

I lost 80lbs in 7 months,I keep my weight stable for 10 yrs.I do weightlifting and cardio training every day,however it does not solve the problem... READ MORE

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