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Lower Body Lift Risks?

I lost 100 pounds from Lapband over 4 years ago and would like a lower body lift. Im Very scared. What are the risks? READ MORE

Multiple Plastic Surgeries and Reasonable Time Under Anesthesia?

I have recently lost 135 lbs. and have excess skin I want removed. I want to have a 360 degree circumfrontial body lift along with a breast lift (NO... READ MORE

When Does Risk of Seroma Pass After Having a Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I had a lower body lift (full circumferential) almost six weeks ago, during which my surgeon placed four drains. Two were removed at one week, one... READ MORE

Low Hemoglobin Count & Plastic Surgery: Is it Safe?

My HB count is 68. I am scheduled for a lower body lift in 2 weeks. I was asked to let my dr sign a pre-op form. I knew that he wouldnt since my count... READ MORE

Can I Have a Lowerbody Lift Under IV Sedation and NOT a General Anesthesia?

I'm meant to under go a body lift(tummy,buttock,thighs) in July. Initially,I went for a lower body lift I'mquite thin from the upperbody but... READ MORE

I've Already Had a Tummy Tuck. Is It a Good Idea to Combine a Back Lift with an Inner Thigh Lift? (photo)

My has skin laxity at the back and on the legs. I'd like co combine both surgeries, but unsure of risk? READ MORE

Lower Body Lift? Risks After TT?

I had my tt/mr about a 2yrs ago. My ps was very cautious when it came to the tummy tuck, I received lovenox for 5 days post surgery. In oct I'm having... READ MORE

What are the risks if I have my drains removed in a few days and they are still outputting more than 50cc?

I have had my drains in now for 17 days. I had a lower body lift, breast lift/small implants, lipo w/fat to butt. I am still producing over 50cc in... READ MORE

When are you no longer at risk of a PE or DVT following a Belt Lipectomy?

Hi i am a healthy patient, 25 years who had a belt lipectomy 10 days ago. Currently, i am not using any prophylaxis for blood clots besides walking... READ MORE

I'm having a lower body lift and breast aug. Should I wait or get the breast aug while I can?

Going to get a lower body lift and breast augmentation with lift. I have had a consultation that stated this would be done in two procedures. With the... READ MORE

Body Lift Surgical Risks?

I am a 33 yr old female that has lost 80 lbs. I am in good health and workout 3-5 time a week, my only medical condition is hypothyroid which I have... READ MORE

Would you ever perform or recommend any body lift procedures for patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? (age: 27)

I've lost over 100 lbs, and because of EDS, my loose skin is a much bigger issue than for normal people. It's extensive, and tears/bruises any time I... READ MORE

What causes skin to lose circulation during or after surgery?

What can a doctor do to reduce the risk of necrosis? READ MORE

What can a doctor do to reduce the risk of a pulmonary enbolism during surgery?

What do you do as a doctor to reduce the risk of a P.E in your pts. During SX? READ MORE

Is lymphedema common after a lower body lift or thigh lift?

I have lost nearly 100 pounds through diet and exercise and I would love to undergo body shaping surgery, but I am very concerned about the... READ MORE

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