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Weight Loss After Body Lift

If I lose weight after my body lift procedure, will the skin become loose again? I'm not really planning on losing extra weight after my... READ MORE

I am 10 months post lower body lift and questioning my results. (photo)

I am 10 months post lower body lift and questioning my results. Appears that my outer thighs (saddlebags) are severely pronounced now and despite a... READ MORE

Should we be expecting better results 5 months post circumferential lower body lift? What to do about legs? (photos)

I am a P/T and Nutritionist. client start @264 lbs - n 13 mo on a gd nut.low fat, low gly. fd plan lost 110 lbs. has had masto& brachio 1.5 yrs... READ MORE

Best order of procedures after major weight loss? Can't combine for several reasons. (28, no kids). (photos)

Lost 100+ lbs through diet/exercise (5ft 5in; new weight 109lbs, stable 1+ yr); Still have resistant pockets of fat on thighs & above belly... READ MORE

Looking to get a body lift but I want the most minimal procedure/s in order to achieve the best results for myself. (photo)

Im a 23 year old female in good shape, i smoke but i work out a few times a week. At my highest weight i weighed 225lbs (at 16 y.o) . I dropped down... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Body Lift Consultation in Massachusetts

I Need to Find out if the Result of my Circumferential Body Lift is the Best Possible. I had a circumferential body lift with fleur-de-lis and am very... READ MORE

How effective are the results of lower body lift?

I am a 41 year old female who weighs 150 lbs. I have never had extensive weight loss, but I had 2 c-sections and would like a tummy tuck. I also have... READ MORE

Still lots of swelling; how long does it take to see final results?

So, I am now 5 weeks out from a 360 body lift. The front of my abdomen is swollen, but, it seems to be improving, however, my love handles and back... READ MORE

Does getting a Lower Body Lift achieve the results I want? (photos)

I know I can get a TT with lipo from back and waist for a bbl, as this is the procedure I find most helpful, but I would love to have an inner thigh... READ MORE

What is the best options for me to achieve my goal? (photos)

Included is pics of me now and my desired results. What surgeries do i in need and can they be done at once? How much more weight should I lose to be... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op and I still have a lot of skin left after a full 360 Lower Body Lift. What can I do? (photos)

I am post losing over 100 pounds and had a breast lift, 360 lower body lift. I have more flabbiness where I had a little extra fluid. I do have... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: What are my options for treating loose skin after lipo of my back fat? (photos)

I am a 42 year old who had lipo done on my back fat. I was told by 3 different board certified PS that I had great skin elasticity & would be a... READ MORE

Lower body lift vs beltlectomy

What is the difference. Everywhere I have read indicates that both procedures will give the same results/affect the same area, e.g. thighs, hips,... READ MORE

Can I do an upper lift before the lower lift? (photos)

I know after asking some questions on here that the upper and lower lifts will be necessary for the results I want. I plan to do 46DDD implants when I... READ MORE

Scar placement for lower bodylift/extended tummy tuck, straight, curved? Please explain?

I see huge varieties in scar placement in photos of lower bodylifts, w some being straight and low (just above pubic bone, straight across to the... READ MORE

Extra skin/ Fat around genital area. Post body lift (male).

Hello, Firstly, i am a 24 yo male, 1.70m I have recently gone through a circumferential body lift after having lost 50kgs and am generally happy with... READ MORE

What kind of result should I expect from my lower body lift? (Photo)

I'm 6 years out from gastric sleeve surgery. I'm 5'9" 33 years old and 173lbs I have lost just over 150lbs and maintained. I'm scheduling my LBL with... READ MORE

How to avoid losing my waist with body lift? I don't want the straight torso I so often see in body lifts!

I have a natural hourglass shape and have lost a lot of weight (100lbs), i am looking into getting a body lift since the majority of my loose skin is... READ MORE

Will 10-15lb weight loss post belt lipectomy affect results?

2008 at 5'1" weighted 280lbs ; underwent lapband surgery. Emergency band removal in 2010; was literally starving to death & weighed 118 lbs. Over past... READ MORE

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