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What is the Typical Recovery from a Lower Body Lift?

I'm considering whether to get a tummy tuck or body lift and maybe some skin reduction on thighs if possible. I am currently a 157lb.,... READ MORE

So After a Belt Lipectomy; Can You Sit? is It Painful?

I was just reading where a poster on Real Self had a Belt Lipectomy; and as i read, it said it deals with the lower part fo the body (buttocks,... READ MORE

Body Lift After Weight Loss of 130 Pounds?

How long of a recovery time should be expected after an extensive body lift? If a patient has lost over 130 pounds and needs to have excess skin... READ MORE

What is the Best Preparation for a Successful Body Lift?

What preparatory measures like weight loss, exercise or adjusting medication dosage will maximize the probability of a successful body lift? What... READ MORE

Are There Benefits to Having Lower and Upper Body Lifts Done at Different Times?

What is the recovery time for each? Are there different side effects for an upper versus lower body lift? How often are upper and lower body lifts... READ MORE

Body Lift then Exercise?

Is it safe to lift weights right after a body lift? If somone is undertaking a fairly heavy program of resistance training, will lifting weights pull... READ MORE

Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Abdominoplasty Done Together Concerns and Recovery?

I am having a thigh and arm lift, & abdominoplasty (including hernia repair) done together in 3 weeks, some lipo'ing will be done in all 3 areas.... READ MORE

What is the comparison in recovery time, pain and discomfort between a lower body lift and an upper body lift?

I had an upper body lift in December (arms, breasts without implants, and flanks). I am considering LBL in the future. The UBL was not painful, but... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for Lower Body Lift. And when is it safe to fly?

I had a tt 1.5 yrs ago & pleased with it. However, my dr & I agree that I may benefit more from an lbl. I may have this procedure done on Monday but... READ MORE

What Type of Anaesthesia is Used for a Body Lift?

Is the body lift recovery going to require much time in the hospital because of the effects of the anaesthesia or other concerns? READ MORE

10 day post op on Body Lift, Thigh, and Buttock Lift. Can I do too much at this point of recovery?

Hello, I am 10 days post operative, body lift, thigh and buttock lift. I have been on my feet most of the day since 8 days post op.... I still have... READ MORE

What can I anticipate during recovery after a lower body lift? (photos)

I've been considering weight loss surgery since I hit my goal weight in 2009. After losing 105 pounds, even at the age of 32, my skin is seriously... READ MORE

I'm 61 yrs old, 5'8", 174. Need complete body lift can all of these be done at 1 time. Any suggestions?

Arm lift, breast lift/implant, tummy tuck, butt lift and thigh lift. I physically healthy just a lot of sagging skin. Would love to have just 1... READ MORE

When I asked about the risks the doctor seemed to think the risk really lies in the recovery rather than the OR. Is this true?

Hello I am a 33 yr old healthy female. I have consulted with PS about getting an Extended Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty/flankplasty) and Breast... READ MORE

I'm having a lower body lift, and will only have an hour of recovery time before going home. Is this normal?

I am about to get a lower body lift done and my surgeon said I will be in recovery for about an hour and then I would go home. Is this typical for... READ MORE

I lost around 50 kg, I believe I'm a perfect candidate for lower body lift. My concern is recovery - is 2 months enough?

Hi.. I am not from states, I will come from Saudi Arabia, I am a respiratory therapist, and my big concern is recovery time is two months enough to do... READ MORE

I am looking for recommendations for the next step in trying to get my lower body more proportionate? (photo)

In the past 3 years I have lost 100 lbs through diet and exercise. I have been stable for 6 months and while I would like to lose another 10, not sure... READ MORE

What are the benefits/drawbacks of muscle tightening with a lower body lift?

My ps says that he does not believe that the benefits of muscle tightening are significant enough to outweigh the extra recovery and pain involved. So... READ MORE

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