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After Weight Loss, What is my Best Option for Tightening the Loose Skin?

I was heavy throughout my childhood and teens, losing weight in my early twenties. Ever since then, I've had serious sagging of my abdomen, pubis... READ MORE

I Have Developed Cysts on my Abdomen and Pubic Area After a 360 Body Lift. is This Common? (photo)

I have a total of 3 cysts, one of which has been removed one year ago. one is in the center of my ribcage per the pic, one on right side of abdomen... READ MORE

Complication after lower body lift?

After my lower body lift, my pubic area is fatty and hanging. It has caused complications with intercourse because my clitoris cannot be reached... READ MORE

Why is my tummy not flat and is bigger above my incision line 7 weeks post op?

Have had this problem since day 3 of surgery. My stomach is bigger than my pubic mound right above my incision line. It is not flat like normal... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift 4 weeks ago. I started to feel pressure along my incision above my pubic area. Is this normal? (Photo)

I noticed pressure after showering 2 days ago. I assumed it was being out of my comprehension garment too long. Today was my first day back at work... READ MORE

Will my love handles be gone with a 360 body lift? Will the bulge be gone above my pubic? How do I avoid the bulge? (Photo)

Lost over 200 lbs had an extended tt in august. I am having a revistion but this time he is doing a lower body lift will this take the love handles... READ MORE

Why is my pubic mound flatter than my tummy? 7.5 weeks post op

I had a belt lipectomy or lower body lift and From day one of my surgery my stomach has not been "flat". My tummy is bigger than my pubic mound and it... READ MORE

What is the best surgey to address excess fat and skin on the middle including pubic overhang, hanging belly and love handles?

50 yr old w/ lots of sag post massive weight loss w/ help of lapband in 2008. At highest I weighed 280lbs. Got down to 120 but had emergency band... READ MORE

Does a lower body lift include the pubic region? I don't know how common this is but after massive weight loss.

My pubic mound is sort of squishy and similar to my stomach. I feel like Im the only person that has issues with their pubic mound after weightloss.... READ MORE

50 yr old male 375 pounds a year ago currently 215 pounds - surgery costs and recovery time?

I lost my weight naturally with healthy foods, meal prepping and working out 5 days a week but I now have a lot of loose saggy skin! My stomach,... READ MORE

Burning pain 6 months post op from LBL, what is it?

I am almost 7 months post op and am feeling a very strong burning sensation just above my pubic mound on the right hand side. Burns when I stand too... READ MORE

Does any of this tissue look healthy? Or does it all need to be debrided? (Photos)

First let me say that my PS is on top of this and I have full faith in him. I had a LBL two weeks ago. Yesterday my PS debrideld this section along my... READ MORE

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