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Lift for Sagging Back Skin?

I am pretty thin, never had any weight problem and never had any plastic surgery on my body. However, I have sagging skin on both sides of my middle... READ MORE

Back Rolls After Weight Loss: Best Treatment? (ie lipo, upper body lift etc) (Photo)

I have had several consults with ps and all have different opinions on how to get the best contouring of my back which will go along with an extended... READ MORE

LBL, TT, or Fleur-de-lis Given 8" Horizontal Scar 3" Above Belly Button?

Had 1st consult. I had planned on LBL or extended TT, but surgeon concerned with vascularization of tissue above my belly button & below an... READ MORE

Will I Need More Than a Tummy Tuck?

I am a 49 year old male, who has lost 245 LBS, I have seen four doctors, two think I could get by with a tummy tuck, one thinks a lower body lift, the... READ MORE

What Can Be Done when Too Much is Taken off in Circumferential Belt Lift?

I wanted my buttocks lifted because a doctor over-liposuctioned them but I needed my belly, hip adipose and front upper thigh prominence to suspend... READ MORE

Is it the gold standard to plicate the transverse abdominus muscles (corset technique) and the rectus abdominus muscle? (Photo)

I am a massive weight loss woman who had a tummy tuck in April 2013. I had it converted to a body lift in November. Despite a great result there is... READ MORE

Low Hemoglobin Count & Plastic Surgery: Is it Safe?

My HB count is 68. I am scheduled for a lower body lift in 2 weeks. I was asked to let my dr sign a pre-op form. I knew that he wouldnt since my count... READ MORE

Body Contouring or Body Lift?

For those who have lost over 150 pounds, should an overall body contouring plan be considered to just a body lift? Are there certain procedures that... READ MORE

Looking For Body Contouring After Weight Loss. No Cosigner, Bad Credit. Care Credit Turned Me Down. Options?

I would like to look in to a loan for body contouring after weight lost. But don't have cosigner or good credit. i've been turned down by care credit... READ MORE

I Am 67 Years Old and Recently Lost About 35 Pounds- What Can I Do About the Loose Skin?

Is there anything that can be done about the loose skin on my stomach, arms, and thighs? READ MORE

Went to my First Plastic Surgery Consult Today and Was Told there Weren't Options for My Arms and Thighs, Thoughts? (photo)

1st PS consult today-the doc told me that there isn't anything that he can do or would recommend to improve the look of my thighs/arms? me-33 yrs,... READ MORE

What happens if I get a body lift but then decide to get pregnant in the future?

I am only 20 and I lost 150 pounds. My loose skin is bothering me very very much. I am thinking of getting a lower body lift and work on my breasts... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Lower Body Fat

I have had two girls and I'm only 21. I really need to get ride of the stretch and the belly flap. I wanna have my inner thigh fat gone and hip... READ MORE

I need to the reduce banana rolls and the size of my buttocks. What can be done? This is a tricky one! (Photo)

I had previous lipo that lead to very bad outer thigh creases extending from my buttocks. Originally in my surgery I just requested the outer thigh... READ MORE

Are there Lesser Invasive Procedures One Try Before Considering a Body Lift?

If a patient wants to avoid surgery but has multiple skin folds and sagging skin, what options are available? READ MORE

Is there such a thing as an all-over body lift?

As a young teen my weight topped the scales at 400lbs, from there I lost weight only to gain again (yo yo dieting) most of my adult life. I have... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with the back of my legs after lower body lift. Would additional lipo or a redo of the lift be beneficial? (Photo)

I have always hated the back of my legs and butt. I had a lower body lift. While my surgeon is a total rockstar in regards to the tummy tuck portion,... READ MORE

I Lost 100Lbs Through Exercise, Now I Have Extra Skin and Some Stubborn Bit of Fat That Just Won't Go! What Should I Do? (photo)

Long version: I wanted to join the USMC, but I was 100 lbs over weight. 300 lbs shipping weight was 206. Well, now that I've been in a while, my... READ MORE

Fleur De Lis or Breast Lift - Which One to Do First? (photo)

I'm a 30yo. and over the last 5-6 years I have lost over 120lbs. Now I need a Tummy tuck,breast lift and upper thighs lift.Each of these... READ MORE

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