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6 Weeks After Lower Body Lift Swelling in Thighs/upper Legs- Normal?

6 weeks after lower body lift (belt liptectomy) I still have significant swelling, mainly from incision line down, around the incision line itself the... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift and Seroma?

Hi, I had a lower body lift 2 weeks ago. I had the drains out this past Friday, and by Sunday I noticed fluid collecting in my lower abdominal/pubic... READ MORE

Did Lower Body Lift 2weeks Ago Still Sagging Skin on Thighs, Why Is This?

I did a lower body lift 2 weeks ago and still I see my outer and back thighs have sagging skin I was not heavy 120lbs and not much skin to take out... READ MORE

Severe swelling and staph infection after LBL, need opinions. Is this swelling within the range of normal? (Photo)

LBL 9/29. Day 10-had fever of 102. Started Keflex & then switched to Levaquin. Cultures showed staph-I'm still running a low fever every day,... READ MORE

Penis is being pulled from lower body lift. 11 days post op. Will this skin relax as the swelling goes down? (Photo)

When erect my penis is being pulled up by the suture line from the 360 body lift I had done 11 days ago. Will this skin relax as the swelling goes... READ MORE

Is painful sexual intercouse normal after lower body lift?

I had a lower body lift 7 weeks ago and look and feel amazing, however, I am now having pain during sexual intercourse, which I have never had prior... READ MORE

Is it normal to stay the same weight after a body lift?

I had a body lift full abdominoplasty butt/thigh lift with liposuction 9 months ago. My surgeon removed 17 pounds of skin and fat. At no point after... READ MORE

I'm having a lower body lift, and will only have an hour of recovery time before going home. Is this normal?

I am about to get a lower body lift done and my surgeon said I will be in recovery for about an hour and then I would go home. Is this typical for... READ MORE

Still lots of swelling; how long does it take to see final results?

So, I am now 5 weeks out from a 360 body lift. The front of my abdomen is swollen, but, it seems to be improving, however, my love handles and back... READ MORE

Is it normal after lower body lift to have this much excess skin? Should this be corrected with revision or lipo? (Photo)

Want an honest answer Does this seem like a large amount of redundant skin? I didn't expect to be perfect but I didn't expect to be able to grab a... READ MORE

Don't know what to think after LBL; need opinions as to if I'm going to need a revision eventually?

2 weeks out from LBL after losing 200lbs. I'm 5ft and about 105lbs. Issues: High incision- I can't hide it in the back under anything! It has my... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift 4 weeks ago. I started to feel pressure along my incision above my pubic area. Is this normal? (Photo)

I noticed pressure after showering 2 days ago. I assumed it was being out of my comprehension garment too long. Today was my first day back at work... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift 1 week ago. My labia is swollen. Is this normal?

I had a lower bodylift and i ts my one week post op. And my labia is swollen , puffy, the other one is bigger than the other and gettin worried. Is... READ MORE

Can a lower body lift and tummy tuck cause nerve damage resulting in loss of sensation during sex?

Ever since my LBL and TT I have experienced a loss of sensation during sex. Is this normal?? READ MORE

I'm 2.5 months post lower body lift & spiral thigh lift. Is it normal to have little energy?

I'm noticing I still tire easily and I used to be high energy before surgery. Is this normal? I'm also noticing my scar has gone from pink/red to a... READ MORE

Is this bulging normal 21 days post lower body lift?

I had a belt lipectomy 21 days ago... Is this bulging swelling? And is it normal amd will it go away? READ MORE

Is soreness in hips normal 6 weeks after a lower body lift? I can't sleep in bed, even with pillows. In recliner still.

I had an ultrasonic lower body lift with stomach repair and a little Lipo on 11/2/15. 3 drains, out 2 wks later, 3rd out in 3rd week. Very little... READ MORE

LBL post-op day 12. Necrosis or just scabs? (Photos)

POD 12 LBL. I've been reading online that scabs are not normal on the incision, most of the time they are necrosis, and they happen to occur on the... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift on my butt area 5 weeks ago. Should I be worried? Is this normal?

I have a lower body lift on my butt area 5 weeks ago. I had drains in for 2 weeks and they were removed when I hit 30cc every 12 hours. At my four... READ MORE

I had a body lift revision after TT and I'm still draining every dad. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had surgery outside my state should I be worried? I called the doctor he says not to worry. Color is clear and red and comes back everyday? Also... READ MORE

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