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Compression Garments are killing me! Is it shaping me or reducing swelling, reducing scars etc? Super excited re results (Photo)

I am post op day 9 from a belt lipectomy, tummy tuck and arm lift. I have had a pretty easy journey with pain hovering 5-6 out of 10 and sometimes 7.... READ MORE

How much does a belt lipectomy/lower body lift cost in the Bay Area? How much if I add an inner or medial thigh lift?

Im 29 y/o male, who lost over 100lbs, now left with excess skin around my belly area, back and some on the inner thighs. I've kept my weight off since... READ MORE

How Much Will a Body Lift, Breast Lift, Neck Lift, and Brachioplasty Cost? (photo)

I recently have lost around 80 lbs and have around 50 more to go before I am at my goal weight. I am already looking into surgery. I have been... READ MORE

Is this normal to have this much skin 4 weeks post op after lower body lift with extended tummy tuck? I had no lipo.(photo)

4 weeks Post Op from Lower body lift wearing compression 22 out of 24 hours a day only walking on treadmill 2.2mph-3.0mph no incline for 45 min is the... READ MORE

Can I use Mederma and ScarGuard MD together?

I am 3 weeks out from a LBL & BL/BA. My PS suggested mederma once all incisions are healed up. In researching I am reading that Scargaurd MD is highly... READ MORE

Can a lower body lift and a breast lift be done in 1 procedure?

Can a lower body lift and a breast lift be done in 1 procedure? I understand costs vary, but about how much money would a body lift and breast lift be... READ MORE

I need a Brazilian Butt Lift, BL, Tummy Tuck, & Liposculpture. Can I get these procedures done at once?

I need a BBL, BL, TT, & Liposculpture. Can I get these procedures done at once? If not, which ones should I get done first? READ MORE

Back of Thigh Red, Stinging, Some Peeling. Could It Be Spitting Stitches?

I am 6 weeks PO from LBL, spiral thigh lift, fat grafting to buttock, mini tummy tuck. Groin incisions that opened 3 weeks post op and am doing wet to... READ MORE

I'm wanting BA. LBL, Labiaplasty but at the moment LBL w Labiaplasty is priority Can both surgeries be done at same time?(photo)

I've lost 105lbs after a Gastric Sleeve. I am currently at 110 lbs and have been at this weight for 8 months now. 5'1" I've come a long way by very... READ MORE

Lower Body lift with fat transfer to the buttocks. What is the cost?

If there a way to do a lower body lift with fat transfer to the buttocks without that scar that goes all the way around my bottom half?? and what is... READ MORE

What are the risks if I have my drains removed in a few days and they are still outputting more than 50cc?

I have had my drains in now for 17 days. I had a lower body lift, breast lift/small implants, lipo w/fat to butt. I am still producing over 50cc in... READ MORE

LBL with lipo. How much fat in lbs can be removed?

I'm having LBL, circumferential abdominoplasty, butt lift and lipo augmentation to the buttocks, thigh lift w/ lipo to flanks, lower back, abdomen,... READ MORE

Labial distortion - can it be fixed? If so, how?

I had a lower body lift with mini tummy tuck, thigh and butt lift with fat grafting 21 months ago. Still have swelling, still have to wear my garment... READ MORE

I'm 61 yrs old, 5'8", 174. Need complete body lift can all of these be done at 1 time. Any suggestions?

Arm lift, breast lift/implant, tummy tuck, butt lift and thigh lift. I physically healthy just a lot of sagging skin. Would love to have just 1... READ MORE

Can someone have multiple surgeries at the same time?

In the last 18 months I've lost 200lbs. I would like to have a lower body lift as well as thigh and arm lifts. I've seen people who had body lift and... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift w/ Lipo almost 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Why do I not have a waste and no curve? (photos)

I had an lbl w/ Lipo to flanks and lateral thighs, also muscle repair. I have no shape from the front or back From behind after the lower body lift I... READ MORE

Would a lower body lift be beneficial for me? With a breast augmentation, would I need a lift also? (photos)

I recently had gastric sleeve surgery. I've lost 90 pounds with 20 more to go. I have loose skin in the inner thigh area and my bottom is now sagging.... READ MORE

What procedures should I get after 100 lb weight loss? (Photo)

I'm 55 and I lost over 100 lbs 4 years ago through diet and exercise. I have maintained that loss (+/- 5 lbs) and would like to have a body lift (with... READ MORE

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