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So After a Belt Lipectomy; Can You Sit? is It Painful?

I was just reading where a poster on Real Self had a Belt Lipectomy; and as i read, it said it deals with the lower part fo the body (buttocks,... READ MORE

What is the difference between a belt lipectomy and a lower body lift?

I am looking into getting surgery from losing almost 200 pounds. I have loose skin on my entire stomach (including my upper stomach) , my sides and... READ MORE

What Can Be Done when Too Much is Taken off in Circumferential Belt Lift?

I wanted my buttocks lifted because a doctor over-liposuctioned them but I needed my belly, hip adipose and front upper thigh prominence to suspend... READ MORE

I'm 5 weeks out of Lower Body Lipectomy and I'm feeling swollen around my belly area lately. Is this normal?

Im 5 weeks out of Lower Body Lipectomy and Im feeling swollen around my belly area lately. Is this normal? It feels tight and almost like Im wearing a... READ MORE

Would I Still Have Swellling After 6 Weeks Post Op with Abdominal Lipectomy?

I had a abdominal lipectomy to remove the excess skin and reposition my belly button. Im wondering is it normal to still have swelling after being 6... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Prevent Eventual Disembowelment from Belt Lift?

A circumferential belt lipectomy was counter productive for my issues of overliposuction to thighs and buttocks. Too much belly inner leg and side... READ MORE

What supplies should I have available at home after OP Belt Lipectomy?

No lipo. No fat. Just approx 5" loose skin all around. No massive weight loss. 5'6..98lbs. Worst is saggy butt. Do I need a walker? Thanks! READ MORE

Trunkplasty vs belt lipectomy - what is the difference?

What is the differance between belt lipectomy and trunkoplasty? And what is thirer complication? Can i go back back to my notmal activity after 5 weeks ? READ MORE

When are you no longer at risk of a PE or DVT following a Belt Lipectomy?

Hi i am a healthy patient, 25 years who had a belt lipectomy 10 days ago. Currently, i am not using any prophylaxis for blood clots besides walking... READ MORE

Can my body get shape with a 360 belt lipectomy? I have lost 160 pounds with gastric bypass, I'm 2 years post op (Photo)

Can my body get shape with a 360 belt lypectomy? I have lost 160 pounds with gastric bypass, im 2 years post op. Would I have a waist I dont want to... READ MORE

How can Belt Lipectomy or Body lift patients ambulate immediately after surgery ?

How is this possible? Wont you put strain on your incisions and possibly cause them to open up or develop other wound related complications? READ MORE

Should I still need pain medication? Day 5 of belt lipectomy, arm lift with lipo and fat transfer (Photo)

I hurt. I had 24 perecet and now I have 2 1/2left. I DO take It less with more time in between. I took it every 4 hours at first, now 8-10hrs Is that... READ MORE

Lots of fluid in drains. When does this get better? Continue muscle relaxer around the clock, pain comes and goes (Photo)

150 lbs weight loss. Using arnica gel and medihoney dressings on all wounds.2 days post op. Belt lipectomy, arm lift. Is it good to drain lots of... READ MORE

Belt Lipectomy and Flankplasty?

I've had two consults with different surgeons and both said I need a belt lipectomy and flankplasty. I have fat deposits on my flanks that occurred... READ MORE

How Will I Buckle my Belt Lipectomy?

Where and how should a belt lipectomy be buckled if you have posterior pelvic tilt/lordosis and front upper thigh prominence? I used to have shared... READ MORE

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