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How Much Does a Body Lift Cost?

What is the range in price for a full body lift, assuming insurance will not cover any part of the surgery? READ MORE

When is a Body Lift Covered by Insurance?

What are the normal criteria for having a body lift paid for by insurance? READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Body Lifts for Non-cosmetic Purpose?

Are Body lifts covered by insurance if sagging skin causes back pain, or you have skin tears due to sitting on the folds of skin, etc.? READ MORE

Will insurance cover or help with any skin removal surgeries after major weight loss?

I've always been told that insurance won't cover any skin removal surgeries because they are considered cosmetic. i have also been told they might... READ MORE

What is the Approximate Cost for a Total Body Lift in Canada?

By total body lift I mean arms, breast lift with implants, tummy/pubic area, thigh and butt. I will be having gastric bypass some point soon hopefully... READ MORE

Do plastic surgeons accept insurance, and will insurance cover my surgery after weight loss surgery?

I had weight loss surgery and now I have so much lose skin that it causes bad rashes. Would this be covered by insurance? Do plastic surgeons take... READ MORE

Are there any plastic surgeons out there that will accept Humana insurance for a Body Lift?

My insurance says that they will possible cover it. My problem is finding a surgeon that will accept my insurance. I cannot afford to pay out of... READ MORE

$4,000 is it enough for lower body lift if insurance pays for panni removal and umb hernia repair? Need inner thighs done also.

I had one surgeon tell me that it would be nothing to turn this procedure into a full abdplsty and that the amount of skin I have is very little... READ MORE

Am I able to get my insurance to assist with the cost of skin removal surgery?

I am 21 and lost 100 lbs about 2 years ago. I am now a personal trainer and I am trying to get into physique competitions but the only thing holding... READ MORE

Is there any loopholes to get insurance to pay for an upper and lower body lift?

I'm 18 and lost over 100 pounds. I have a lot of saggy skin and feel like an old lady. It's very stressful for me to be covered in all this wrinkly... READ MORE

Why is skin removal surgery after major weight loss considered cosmetic?

I hope this doesn't come off as ignorant but why is skin removal surgery considered cosmetic? I have lost almost 200 pounds over the last 3 years and... READ MORE

Insurance approval? Advice? It is so upsetting. I am only 26.. my naked body looks like I am 46?

I am 26 yr o female. I lost over 100 lbs . My highest weight was 230 lbs. I weigh 123 lbs. I also have a one year old. When I was pregnant I gained... READ MORE

How much will a full body lift typically cost? Are these types of procedures covered by health insurance?

I am an 18 year old female who's losing weight. my starting weight was 280 and I'm 5"2. I'm complete terrified of loss skin and I know it's coming!... READ MORE

Is there any diagnosis that would allow my insurance to pay for excess skin removal?

Over the last few years, I have lost 107 lbs, causing quite a bit of excess skin (may be worse from 3 c-sections). I often find it hard to breathe... READ MORE

Is it possible to get body contouring with medical insurance? (caresource)

Had gastric bypass in 2012. I was 400lbs and now im dow to 195. I have excess skin everywhere that causes problem such as yeast infections... READ MORE

Lost 137 lbs and left with loose skin and bad self image. Would a full body lift be appropriate for my situation?

I've lost 137 lbs and am a young woman of 21, my highest weight was 255 lbs and my current is 118 lbs. With excess skin around my pubic area, thighs,... READ MORE

I'm 33, was nearly 400lb and 3 years ago I had gatric bypass surgery and lost 190lbs. I weigh around 205...

I am 33..was nearly 400lb and 3 years ago I had gatric bypass surgery and lost 190lbs.. I weight around 205... I have the apron fat hanging down to my... READ MORE

Insurance covers reconstructive surgery & augmentation for cancer. who helps Cushing's disease survivors & huge weight loss?

I am a victim of 13yrs with cushings was 340 & 5'6" now 170lbs but cushings made me break my back when riding in a dune buggy & just a hard landing no... READ MORE

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