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Avoiding Pulling Incisions After Lower Body or Inner Thigh Lift

I'm researching about lower body lift including an inner thigh lift and I'm concerned about how the patient is supposed to avoid pulling on... READ MORE

Will a 360 Degree Circumfrontial Body Lift Address the Extra Skin on my Inner Thighs?

After consulting with a few plastic surgeon's they concur I need to have a 360 degree circumfrontial body lift along with a breast lift (no implants... READ MORE

Can I Remove the Loose Skin on my Backside and Thighs in One Surgery and What Scars Would I Have?

I am male, 28 year old and lost 140lb over 10 years ago. This left loose skin across my body. I have had a gynaecomastia procedure and full... READ MORE

After Weight Loss, What is my Best Option for Tightening the Loose Skin?

I was heavy throughout my childhood and teens, losing weight in my early twenties. Ever since then, I've had serious sagging of my abdomen, pubis... READ MORE

Skin Tightening Options After 50kg Weight Loss and Loose Skin?

Its not too bad but wrinkly and some little sagging around tummy, butt and inner thighs. Is there anything I can do besides surgery to get rid of... READ MORE

$4,000 is it enough for lower body lift if insurance pays for panni removal and umb hernia repair? Need inner thighs done also.

I had one surgeon tell me that it would be nothing to turn this procedure into a full abdplsty and that the amount of skin I have is very little... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a body lift? If so what procedures would you recommend? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck and bra line back lift but am still plagued by extra skin/fat on my flanks and back and a saggy bottom/loose inner thigh skin. It... READ MORE

I am 4 weeks post op from having a LBL and Lipo. I've gained 10 lbs post. How long should I expect this weigh gain to last?

I started taking Arnica two days ago and drinking green tea but still haven't notice any difference at all. I also take Miralax and Maxzide. I've... READ MORE

Do I need a lower body lift or can I get a good result with a TT, inner thigh lift and BBL? (Photo)

I'm 5'5" and 43 years old. After bariatric surgery 2 years ago, I went from 290 to 145. I know I definitely need a TT and inner thigh lift (and a... READ MORE

Does a body lift help the inner thighs?

I know a body lift addresses the abdomen, outer thighs and buttocks but what does it do for the inner thighs? Will it improve (even if a little) its... READ MORE

If I want to flatten my stomach, remove inner thighs (upper quadrant), and my back along the bra line? Best option? (Photo)

I haven't seen a procedure that covers all the areas mentioned above ie. lower body, upper body life so will a surgeon do a lower body lift and then... READ MORE

I've lost 112lbs 10 years ago, then had 2 babies. I'm trying to decide if a lower body lift is the best option for me? (photos)

Will it address the problem with loose skin in my inner thighs at all? When I pull up on the skin I can see some improvement. READ MORE

How much should I weigh to be eligible for skin removal surgery?

I'm 18 years old, and I have lost roughly 75 pounds. I am 214.8 lbs currently, and already have a lot of loose skin. I really want skin removal... READ MORE

Would a belt lipectomy (lower body lift) help me? (Photos)

If I get a lower body lift would it help with the loose saggy skin I have with my inner theighs? Would my hips improve too or would another procedure... READ MORE

Can a boob job whole body lift or arm lift get rid of the wrinkles and fat in my side fat? (photos)

The area under my arm pit that leads to my back fat can it be fixed with out a bra line lift? Can my inner thighs be improved in a lower body lift or... READ MORE

Lower body lift vs tummy tuck w inner thigh lift? (Photo)

Initially I was thinking of getting a tummy tuck breast lift/implants lipo and BBL but would I be a better candidate for a lower body lift w lipo/bbl... READ MORE

50 yr old male 375 pounds a year ago currently 215 pounds - surgery costs and recovery time?

I lost my weight naturally with healthy foods, meal prepping and working out 5 days a week but I now have a lot of loose saggy skin! My stomach,... READ MORE

What procedures would I need for the best results after weight loss? (photos)

I called about a year ago and i was interested in liposuction my wieght was 388 and i was told i needed to lose wieght get down to 305 well im down... READ MORE

Can continuing previous tt into a LBL fix the issue of my lower back and flank area?

Will a LBL or butt lift address the issue of the extra meatiness of my lower back? I have already had a full tummy tuck and an inner thigh lift... READ MORE

I had a inner thigh lift 5 weeks ago should i still be wearing my compression garmet? Also still have 2 medical drains in still

Is it safe to stop wearing my ace bandages my surgeon directed me to for my compression after my inner thigh lift 5 weeks ago? Also am overcoming... READ MORE

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