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Avoiding Pulling Incisions After Lower Body or Inner Thigh Lift

I'm researching about lower body lift including an inner thigh lift and I'm concerned about how the patient is supposed to avoid pulling on... READ MORE

Why am I feeling a pin prick feeling under my incision 1 month post op?

I had a 360 body lift exactly one month ago today. I'm healing up very nicely so far. No problems. No major issues. I did, however, wake up this... READ MORE

Can Sex Ruin a Backplasty?

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago but just recently had sex, and now the incision hurts. Could this be just from irritation or busted stitches? My drain is... READ MORE

I'm 7 weeks post-op after having a 360 body lift. How do you know when you're ready to not wear the compression garment anymore?

I've been diligent about wearing my garment and for the last week or so I've not wearing it as much and either wearing spanx shorts or just underwear.... READ MORE

I am 4 weeks post op from having a LBL and Lipo. I've gained 10 lbs post. How long should I expect this weigh gain to last?

I started taking Arnica two days ago and drinking green tea but still haven't notice any difference at all. I also take Miralax and Maxzide. I've... READ MORE

Open area on butt incision from lower body lift. What should I do?

My coccyx area has been hurting for days now. I was sure I was developing a pressure ulcer or something, even though I get up to walk every 2 hours.... READ MORE

LBL-severe skin breakdown. What kind of surgery will be needed to repair this? Why does this happen? What did I do wrong?(photo)

I'm 8 weeks out from a LBL, BL and Extended Arm lift. I had some tiny areas of separation on some of the LBL incisions at week 2. I was a little over... READ MORE

Is it normal to have clear reddish liquid coming out of my incision in the mid section of my buttocks?

I am 3 weeks post op from my LBL, Butt Lift using the Fat Flap technique and Breast Augmentation. Yesterday I started having this clear reddish liquid... READ MORE

How do you know if you can sleep in your bed after lower body lift?

I also forgot ask about the occasional burning feeling I feel on my incision. I probably need to call my doctors office and ask. READ MORE

How can Belt Lipectomy or Body lift patients ambulate immediately after surgery ?

How is this possible? Wont you put strain on your incisions and possibly cause them to open up or develop other wound related complications? READ MORE

Love handles not responding post Body lift and lipo. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am pleased with my body lift. I am 10 weeks out and my front looks good. I have some hard swelling around the incision up to the new belly button,... READ MORE

I recently got a lower body lift. Should I be concerned that my doctor did't do a full 360, but left an inch or two untouched?

So, the circle goes all the way around except that it stops an inch or two before it meets the other incision. He said it was unnecessary to go the... READ MORE

What exactly does a lower body lift do? I have some questions about this procedure

I understand a tummy tuck is part of the body lift, but I've been told it also includes an outer thigh lift, and a butt lift? What exactly happens... READ MORE

Could my surgery be redone? Is this acceptable work for a PS? Incision openings with a corset trunkplasty. (photos)

I had a corset trunkplasty March 4th 2016. About a month after my incisions started opening, my PS had left the clinic 7 days after so I have only... READ MORE

Wound dehiscence. Is it infected? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck last year and 25 days ago had a belt lipectomy. A week ago my inscison opened. My jp drainage changed from pink to yellow and... READ MORE

What is the best incision for LBL/360 tummy tuck? Is lipo combined with LBL at time of surgery advised?

From what I have read there is the Lockwood method which is different from the standard incision method. What is the difference? Advantages and... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift 4 weeks ago. I started to feel pressure along my incision above my pubic area. Is this normal? (Photo)

I noticed pressure after showering 2 days ago. I assumed it was being out of my comprehension garment too long. Today was my first day back at work... READ MORE

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