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How Long Does It Take to Heal After Removal of Excess Skin?

Hello, I'm a 25 year old male. I used to weigh a little over 300 pounds and over the last seven months I have brought my weight down to 180 pounds. I... READ MORE

Are compression garments following a lower body lift recommended?

I keep hearing/reading contrary information regarding the use of compression garments following plastic surgery. Do these garments aid in healing? READ MORE

I had a body lift and the wounds have come open and no seem to be healing - what can I do? (photos)

I had a body lift one month ago. At first it seemed to be healing fine but then there was a small hole in the back… Since then my back has come open i... READ MORE

Post op 9 weeks lower body lift. Is this an infection? It hurts and looks nasty. (Photo)

I am post op 9 weeks for lower body lift. My healing has been fairly uneventful except for a small area where my old belly button was located. It had... READ MORE

Penis is being pulled from lower body lift. 11 days post op. Will this skin relax as the swelling goes down? (Photo)

When erect my penis is being pulled up by the suture line from the 360 body lift I had done 11 days ago. Will this skin relax as the swelling goes... READ MORE

Body lift that opened--now two months out--healing progress seems slow still. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had full body lift two months ago… Opened up pretty bad in two spots on back about two weeks later. I am not a candidate for a wound VAC as I cannot l... READ MORE

Is this post LBL open wound a candidate for a Wound Vac machine? (Photo)

This occurred about 3 weeks after my LBL. My surgeon and my general MD said it will heal on its own. both agree this looks healthy and is not infected... READ MORE

Do you think my skin necrosis will heal ok or will I need skin grafting? (photos)

I had a 360 body lift and developed necrosis. I'm not a tabacco user but do occasionally smoke marijuana. The Doctir feels it's from the amount of... READ MORE

Is my Body Lift surgery a failure?

I had LBL, BA and Brachioplasty six weeks ago but I'm very unhappy with my results. My buttocks are so flat and my arms, thighs and buttocks are... READ MORE

7 weeks post op lower body lift without muscle repair, a tiny scab was taken off. Will this close up soon? (photos)

My procedure was on June 24, 2014. I was initially healing beautifully. Then on July 30, during a follow up visit to my ps, he had taken off what... READ MORE

I weighed 550 lbs, now weigh 255. Will an apron removal be worth the pain and healing? (Photo)

I'm supposed to get surgery Wednesday June 10, but am worried it won't be enough removed to benefit from it.. READ MORE

How long will it take for the cleft of my buttocks wound to close? (Photos)

I developed a opening in the cleft at week 2 it seems to be getting larger. My surgeon like others says to keep the area dry with sterile gauze. How... READ MORE

My Lower Body Lift Incision at my Sacrum Has Failed. I Have a 2in wide, 1in Unsightly Lesion?

I am worried the failed stitches above my butt with the deep cut will not heal properly, leave me heavily scarred and need further surgery. What can I... READ MORE

Would 1,000 mg IV methylprednisolone interfere with wound healing? Baclofen will it interfere with my implants dropping? (Photo)

IV for 3-5 days. Most likely need max dose Baclofen 90mg daily. Have had MS For 33 years now. No new lesions in 5 years. Had LBL, breast and butt... READ MORE

Lower body lift with rotational flaps into the buttocks? (Photos)

I originally wanted a tummy tuck with abdominal etching and butt implants. I found out the better option is to get a lower body lift with rotational... READ MORE

Scar healing phases. (Photos)

I had a body lift 10 weeks ago but unfortunately, 3 weeks into my recovery the back incision opened (left side), and that part of the incision now... READ MORE

I developed a pressure ulcer(?) after lower body lift. How long do these usually take to heal? How bad will the scar be? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift. For the first week, my buttom area was hurting really bad every time I sat or laid down, all the time. Exactly 1 week later,... READ MORE

Body lifts. (Extended) tummy tuck. 34f s/p major weight loss. What are my options? (Photos)

I am 33 years old, no kids, and have lost 110 pounds three years ago. I am looking into a body lift versus extended abdominoplasty. I'd like to lose... READ MORE

Is there a way to heal from body contouring in a max of 3 weeks? (Photo)

I am a 22 year old med student and I have lost about 260 lbs after have bariatric surgery. I have started to have excruciating pain through out my... READ MORE

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