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Still Swollen - 8 Month Post-Body Lift and 6 Months Post-Lipo of Thighs and Back/flanks

I had a body lift with hip/flank/back lipo 8 months ago (April) then in June had inner thigh lipo and back. I have considerable firmness and... READ MORE

Not all skin removed during posterior body lift? (photos)

I am 3wks post op of a posterior body lift, and though my flanks have gone away, I do not feel my butt is lifted to it's fullest. When I stand up, it... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a body lift? If so what procedures would you recommend? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck and bra line back lift but am still plagued by extra skin/fat on my flanks and back and a saggy bottom/loose inner thigh skin. It... READ MORE

Which procedure would remove the excess fat and skin around the flank area, giving me a much more improved shape? (Photo)

I'd like to know what procedure would be recommended to get rid of my excess skin and side bulges to have a smoother tapered look? (I've already... READ MORE

Vertical incision on flanks or upper back lift? (Photo)

I've uploaded pics and reposted my question. I have a lot of extra skin on my upper back near my shoulder blades and on my upper flanks, under my arms... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift w/ Lipo almost 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Why do I not have a waste and no curve? (photos)

I had an lbl w/ Lipo to flanks and lateral thighs, also muscle repair. I have no shape from the front or back From behind after the lower body lift I... READ MORE

Can I have my upper back lift (bra line) redone? I still have flanks on my back sides

After a major weight Loss of over 100 pounds, I had a tummy tuck a few years ago. I recently had lower back lift as well as upper back lift (bra line)... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; BodyLift or Abdominoplasty?

Correct me if I am wrong. From my understanding people that have EXTRA /LOOSE skin from weight lost, etc. are good candidates for the Body Lift. I do... READ MORE

Is Lower Body Lift a removal of flank area apart of it?

I am attempting to have a LBL and one doctor I went to said instead of Lipo for the flank area he would just remove them, cut them out? is this normal... READ MORE

I can barely find any information on Flank Lifts and what the scars look like for a Flank Lift.

I would like to see photos, outcomes, comparisons, reviews, costs, etc! Can anybody help me with this. Thanks! READ MORE

Can continuing previous tt into a LBL fix the issue of my lower back and flank area?

Will a LBL or butt lift address the issue of the extra meatiness of my lower back? I have already had a full tummy tuck and an inner thigh lift... READ MORE

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