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I have a lot of fat hanging from my lower stomach area. What is this condition called and what can be done? (photo)

The fat hangs down pass my knees and the right side hangs lower and is harder than the left side. I keep getting an infection in the hard area. This... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift or a Combination of Other Surgery and Treatments?

I’ve had two babies and have had weight fluctuations. For years now, I’ve been eating very healthy, and exercising almost daily, but this... READ MORE

When Skin is Cut off During a Body Lift, How Much is Fat and How Much is Lean Body Mass?

Through diet and exercise, I have gone from 48% body fat to 15% body fat. I am planning on a body lift over the summer, and had the goal of getting to... READ MORE

Does a Lower Body Lift also include Liposuction?

Does a lower body lift typically include liposuction of problem areas i.e. hips, thighs or does the "lift" itself take care of the excess deposits of fat? READ MORE

Would a lower body lift get rid of my back fat? (Photo)

I had a tt and ba in 2013. I couldn't do anything about my back at that time. Would a lower body lift help with my back and hip fat and loose skin? READ MORE

Can a boob job whole body lift or arm lift get rid of the wrinkles and fat in my side fat? (photos)

The area under my arm pit that leads to my back fat can it be fixed with out a bra line lift? Can my inner thighs be improved in a lower body lift or... READ MORE

Fat necrosis? Full body lift 6 months ago: TT w/muscle repair, arms, thighs, breast lift, back lift, and lipo. (Photos)

Had 2 areas in my tummy tuck that had necrotic tissue an required revision. One area above my pubic area and below my belly button. Surgeon had to cut... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: What are my options for treating loose skin after lipo of my back fat? (photos)

I am a 42 year old who had lipo done on my back fat. I was told by 3 different board certified PS that I had great skin elasticity & would be a... READ MORE

Extra skin/ Fat around genital area. Post body lift (male).

Hello, Firstly, i am a 24 yo male, 1.70m I have recently gone through a circumferential body lift after having lost 50kgs and am generally happy with... READ MORE

Lower body lift and fat transfer to the buttocks at the same?

What precautions can one take to increase fat survival, from fat transfer to the buttocks if a lower body lift is being preformed simultaneously? Also... READ MORE

Can continuing previous tt into a LBL fix the issue of my lower back and flank area?

Will a LBL or butt lift address the issue of the extra meatiness of my lower back? I have already had a full tummy tuck and an inner thigh lift... READ MORE

I lost 100 lbs, then gained about 40 back. Has the fat gone on different areas, or do I have extra skin? (Photo)

I had two children in 96/98. From 2009-2011, went up to 238 on 5'10" frame, was determined disabled due to fibromyalgia; stopped working in 2004, my... READ MORE

I want to know lowest prices for some surgery that I want to do have done. (Photos)

Price for arm lift ? Price neck and mini lift ? Price for face and neck liposuction ? Price for body lift ? Price for fat tranfer to butt ? READ MORE

Before skin surgery is it best to be as small as possible without muscle bulk or to have muscles with as little fat as possible?

I have heard that before surgery like bodylift/thighlift/tummytuck, it is best to be as lean as possible, so it can be pulled as tightly as possible.... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post lower body lift and wonder if I'm just swollen or indeed still have a lot of loose skin and fat? (photos)

I had a lower body lift almost 3 months ago. I lost almost 85 lbs naturally prior to surgery and over 10lbs of skin and tissue was removed during... READ MORE

How can I find out how much fat remains in my panniculus? (Photo)

I'm 23, female, 5'5", and have gone from 275 lbs to 175 lbs. Had the Gastric Sleeve in May of 2013. How can I find out how much fat remains in my... READ MORE

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