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Is Waiting 6 Weeks for a Consult Normal? Do I Need to Lose Weight Before Having Lower Body Lift and BA? (Photo)

I'm wondering if 6 weeks is a reasonable time frame for a consult. Also, I am 5'9-5'10 (I've lost height due to a couple herniated... READ MORE

Went to my First Plastic Surgery Consult Today and Was Told there Weren't Options for My Arms and Thighs, Thoughts? (photo)

1st PS consult today-the doc told me that there isn't anything that he can do or would recommend to improve the look of my thighs/arms? me-33 yrs,... READ MORE

I Am Not Sure How Much More Weight to Loose Before Body Lift, Breast Reduction, How Early Should I Consult for Surgery? (photo)

Im looking to have surgery done to remove excess skin/fat from my lower body/chest area due to weight loss. I have lost 160+ lbs.(over past 3 yrs.)so... READ MORE

Is There Anything Else I Can Research Before I Go to See a Surgeon? (photo)

I am thinking I am going to need a full tummy tuck, and an inner thigh lift to correct, is there anything else that can be done that I can research... READ MORE

How do I get in for a consultation on lower body lift, arms and possible breast augmentation? (Photo)

I have lost 160 pounds, but since I'm not planning on surgery until early 2015, I can't even get a consult. I want to make sure I pick the right... READ MORE

Do I need a lower body lift? (photos)

I've had a few consultations with different doctors and one said I just need a full tummy tuck, the second said I need an extended tummy tuck, and the... READ MORE

What is the average length of surgery time for a Lower Body Lift (tummy tuck, outer thigh lift, butt lift)?

I received a second quote for my LBL today, and the doc is saying 10-12 hours under anesthesia. This seems crazy to me! In my first consult with a... READ MORE

Is Requesting Second Consult With A PS That I Would Like To Choose To Perform My Surgical Procedure Okay?

I plan on having a belt lift and lipo on the inner and outer thighs on Feb 2014. I've had several consults and I believe I have choosen the "one." I... READ MORE

Do all body lift operations include muscle repair?

I went in for my body lift consultation yesterday and my surgeon examined my excess skin, and wrote up a price quote along with the procedures and... READ MORE

How many consults should I obtain from plastic surgeons? (photos)

I'm a weight loss patient wanting to inquire about lbl, arm lift and breast aug/lift. I'm also interested in a thigh lift but would like to get the... READ MORE

Body lift in San Diego after 160lb weight loss. How close to goal weight should I start a consult?

I am in process of losing 160 lbs from a 5'2" frame. I am interested in lower body lift, breast reduction/lift (currently G cup), arms, TT and inner... READ MORE

Getting fat grafting here, going to consult about lower body lift too. It's so mangled my clothes go in creases. Ideas? (Photo)

Have seen diff surgeons in person. 1 said cellulaze, 1 said more lipo ( shit you not) 1 said upper body lift or glut wedge removal. Going to try... READ MORE

Lower body lift, How do I get ready for it? Planning on getting this done first quarter of next year.

I lost 120lbs or a bit more, since 2008, my weight does fluctuate 8 lbs or less, both gain or lose. where do I start? I have funds ready, I have... READ MORE

Should I wait to get a consult for body contouring for rough idea of price until I'm closer to my goal? (Photo)

I've lost 125 pounds from lifestyle changes and plan to lose another 30 to 50 lbs or to the point where I cannot break plateau after that. I know my... READ MORE

Seroma occurrence after body contouring for massive weight loss patients?

I was reading that although fairly common it is more likely for seromas to develop in pt's that have had massive weight loss prior to surgery. Is this... READ MORE

Upper body lift and breast augmentation consultation. What do I need to ask?

I have my consultation for an upper body lift and breast augmentation in a week. I am getting it done because of an 11 stone weight loss. I have some... READ MORE

How long between first consultation and body lift procedure?

I've lost almost 200lbs, and would like to have a body lift this June. However, I travel fairly constantly for work - the summer is the only time I... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that can be categorized as Partial Lower Body Lift?

I had a tummy tuck 16 years ago and I am still happy with it. I have extra skin around my sides and back. I have had a couple consults that recommend... READ MORE

Should a lower body lift be done as 1 procedure, or two separate procedures (tummy and backside separately)?

After mwl, I have gone for consults with 2 different board certified plastic surgeons. The 1st told me I should have tummy tuck in 1 procedure, then... READ MORE

360 body lift. (photos)

I was wondering if anyone knew which clinic would be the best in Ireland ?? I am looking to get a consultation 360 body lift surgery and how much... READ MORE

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