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Lower Body Lift or Extended Abdominoplasty?

I had a gastric band placed two years ago and now I'm ready to shed my excess midsection. What is the difference between lower body lift and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck vs. Body Lift

I am a 27 year old mother of 3. I'm 5'5" and 133 lbs. Have been planning my mommy makeover for a while now and have even had a couple of... READ MORE

Back Rolls After Weight Loss: Best Treatment? (ie lipo, upper body lift etc) (Photo)

I have had several consults with ps and all have different opinions on how to get the best contouring of my back which will go along with an extended... READ MORE

What is the difference between a belt lipectomy and a lower body lift?

I am looking into getting surgery from losing almost 200 pounds. I have loose skin on my entire stomach (including my upper stomach) , my sides and... READ MORE

100+ Pound Loss, Apple Shape, Stubborn Back/Stomach Fat: LBL or LBL with Anchor?

33, 5'5, 155. How do you as a surgeon, irregardless of extra scars, decide whether to do LBL or LBL with fleur de lis, and why are some surgeons... READ MORE

Body Lift or Staggered Liposuction and Skin Removal For Saddle Bags?

HI,I had WLS and lost 120 lbs, feel great! I'm 5'10 tall and weigh 198 lbs with 25 more to be ideal wt. I workout daily, cardio & weight... READ MORE

Body Lift vs Smart Lipo

I am 63 years old and in medium condition and within the average weight category. at my age, I am worried that the lipo may leave sagging skin.. I... READ MORE

What is the comparison in recovery time, pain and discomfort between a lower body lift and an upper body lift?

I had an upper body lift in December (arms, breasts without implants, and flanks). I am considering LBL in the future. The UBL was not painful, but... READ MORE

After Losing 36 Kg is a Full Body Lift a Better Option

I have had tummy tuck and thigh lift and while i'm happy with tummy tuck its bulging a little and thigh lift there is loose skin at top of thigh... READ MORE

300 Vs 360 Circumferential Body Lift? Recommendations?

Hello, I obtained 4 surgical consults this weekend regarding a body lift. All 4 doctors recommended a lower body lift, but one mentioned doing a 300... READ MORE

Trunkplasty vs belt lipectomy - what is the difference?

What is the differance between belt lipectomy and trunkoplasty? And what is thirer complication? Can i go back back to my notmal activity after 5 weeks ? READ MORE

Would a lower body lift or extended tummy tuck be more appropriate? (Photo)

Puberty left me with terrible stretch marks on my stomach and hips and loose skin after being overweight as a preteen. I weigh 124lbs, 5'3". Will an... READ MORE

Best procedure for me? LBL or Fleur de Lis (T-Incision)? (Photo)

I have lost 100lbs by changing my eating habits and exercising. Like many, I have excess skin left. I had a full TT in 2009 but it didn't address the... READ MORE

Best Options for Male Contouring? (Photo)

Hello, I had gastric bypass last year and lost 90 lbs. I am 41 yo, 180lbs, 5'11'' and approaching my target weight. I have consulted with several... READ MORE

Do I need a lower body lift or can I get a good result with a TT, inner thigh lift and BBL? (Photo)

I'm 5'5" and 43 years old. After bariatric surgery 2 years ago, I went from 290 to 145. I know I definitely need a TT and inner thigh lift (and a... READ MORE

Body lift vs. panniculectomy vs tummy tuck vs. fleur de lis? (Photo)

Hi! Looking to see what the best procedure would be. I have lost about 100 lbs and have a TON of extra skin. My main concern is my stomach and that... READ MORE

Should I get a Lower Body Lift or an Extended Tummy Tuck? (photos)

Hello.Dear lovely doctors,I'm 33 years old. I weight 132 and I'm 5 feet tall.I went to 2 consultations and 1 doctor said a lower body lift was best to... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift vs. Breast Lift and Arms.

I am going to have both procedures done separately. I prefer doing the breast lift and arms first and then the LBL. I realize most seem to do it in... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a belt lipectomy or tummy tuck?

It appears that a body lift would provide the best results, but I am concerned that my butt would go flat getting the body lift. If I get the tummy... READ MORE

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