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Still Swollen - 8 Month Post-Body Lift and 6 Months Post-Lipo of Thighs and Back/flanks

I had a body lift with hip/flank/back lipo 8 months ago (April) then in June had inner thigh lipo and back. I have considerable firmness and... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift - Better All at Once or Two Separate Surgeries?

I am 39 yrs. old lost 70 pounds. Had a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon recommend for best results a lower body lift as opposed to my originally... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Part of the Body Lift Procedure?

Is liposuction part of the body lift procedure? READ MORE

After Gastric Bypass - Will I Benefit from Lower Body Lift and Thigh Lift?

Hello, I am a 26 yrs old who had a Gastric bypass surgery 4 yrs a go. I lost 116.6lbs. I am planning to do a body lift ( which includes tummy tuck,... READ MORE

Is There Any Doctors That Can Do a Full Body Lift All at One Time?

Im willing to fly to anywhere in th US to have a full body lift done at one time....I understand it would take a team of surgeons to reduce operation... READ MORE

Can I Have a LBL and Arm Lift Done at the Same Time?

Can I have a LBL and arm lift done at the same time? My current weight is 155 lbs. and I was wondering how long I would be under for this surgery... READ MORE

Can I use Mederma and ScarGuard MD together?

I am 3 weeks out from a LBL & BL/BA. My PS suggested mederma once all incisions are healed up. In researching I am reading that Scargaurd MD is highly... READ MORE

Multiple Surgeries - Body Lift, Chin Reduction and Lip Implants?

Would I be able to undergo a body lift, chin reduction, and lip implants all at once? READ MORE

Is Liposuction Usually Performed In Conjunction With A Belt Lift/lower Body Lift?

Is liposuction usually performed in conjunction with a belt lift/lower body lift? If so, is it usually included? Is this the norm? Does it enhance the... READ MORE

Can you combine a lower body lift and breast lift?

5'4, 135 lbs, healthy, in shape, just loose skin from multiple births. READ MORE

Body Contour Surgery.

I have lost a 100lbs after Gastric Bypass. My question is can I get a choice of things I want fixed in a sort of combination price? This is what I... READ MORE

How much work can I get at once and what can I combine?

I've lost 170 pounds and I need a lot of work done. I need an upper body lift ( I'm assuming that's my arms and breasts) and a lower body lift. What... READ MORE

What is the best incision for LBL/360 tummy tuck? Is lipo combined with LBL at time of surgery advised?

From what I have read there is the Lockwood method which is different from the standard incision method. What is the difference? Advantages and... READ MORE

What should I be prepared for as far as recovery and mobility are concerned immediately post-op and in the coming months?

I am having a lower body lift and a medial thigh lift in one surgery at a hospital with at least 1 overnight stay.I'm in good health. I've lost my... READ MORE

What combination of treatments, if any, are available so I can wear a bathing suit one day and not hide in humiliation? (Photo)

I am 33 yrs., 1 child, always around 136 lbs., wear a size 4-6 top and 8-10 bottom. Legs looked the same as a thin athletic teenager, never lived a... READ MORE

When having a full body lift , what procedures are common to combine?

When having a full body lift , what type or procedures are common to combine.? which procedures are not common to combine.? I would like to get an... READ MORE

Which surgical combinations would be best for me?

What combinations can I get after going through a massive weight loss, which I have excessive saggying skin on my stomach area, arms, breast. I know... READ MORE

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