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Will a 360 Degree Circumfrontial Body Lift Address the Extra Skin on my Inner Thighs?

After consulting with a few plastic surgeon's they concur I need to have a 360 degree circumfrontial body lift along with a breast lift (no implants... READ MORE

What Can Be Done when Too Much is Taken off in Circumferential Belt Lift?

I wanted my buttocks lifted because a doctor over-liposuctioned them but I needed my belly, hip adipose and front upper thigh prominence to suspend... READ MORE

I Have a Pilonidal Cyst 12 Weeks After my 360 Degree Circumfrontial Body Lift Surgery? (photo)

I had a 360 circumfrontial body lift done in Aug. and I still have a tiny pinhole opening on my back above the buttcrack. It started dime sized but... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op Circumferential Body Lift, Incision Split And Am Draining. Should I Worry?

I am 4 weeks post circum.. body lift, I have 3 superficial splits, one on my left approx 2", my Dr has me doing a wet dry pack since stitching... READ MORE

I Have Developed Cysts on my Abdomen and Pubic Area After a 360 Body Lift. is This Common? (photo)

I have a total of 3 cysts, one of which has been removed one year ago. one is in the center of my ribcage per the pic, one on right side of abdomen... READ MORE

What Kind of Revision Would You Suggest? Post Bodylift. (photo)

In January I had a circumferential bodylift (anchor cut). Next week I'll have a thigh lift + breast revision (relift + areolas). I had 2 openings... READ MORE

What Would Make Buttocks "Fall" Almost Immediately After a Lower Body Lift?

3 weeks ago I had a circumfrential body left. I was told post surgery, my buttocks was pert and round. Shortly after surgery, my buttucks completely... READ MORE

Should we be expecting better results 5 months post circumferential lower body lift? What to do about legs? (photos)

I am a P/T and Nutritionist. client start @264 lbs - n 13 mo on a gd nut.low fat, low gly. fd plan lost 110 lbs. has had masto& brachio 1.5 yrs... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Body Lift Consultation in Massachusetts

I Need to Find out if the Result of my Circumferential Body Lift is the Best Possible. I had a circumferential body lift with fleur-de-lis and am very... READ MORE

LBL with lipo. How much fat in lbs can be removed?

I'm having LBL, circumferential abdominoplasty, butt lift and lipo augmentation to the buttocks, thigh lift w/ lipo to flanks, lower back, abdomen,... READ MORE

Constant low grade temp and gas discomfort. Skin soreness / tightness after circumferential body lift. When will it improve?

Nov 6th had surgery and I am still running a low grade temp of 100.4/hot flashes which make me restless. Is this normal? I have trouble passing gas... READ MORE

Can weight be placed on abdominal seroma?

I am 6 weeks post circumferential body lift. I developed a large seroma in my lower ab/pubic are , PS was able to drain out 500 ml and placed a new JP... READ MORE

According to scale I've gained 10lbs in one day. What can I do for swelling? (photos)

I'm 5wks post op from circumferential body lift, breast reduction and arms lift. I've swollen up 10lbs over night. My stomach has gotten so enlarged,... READ MORE

Why does JP drainage increase at night while sleeping, yet I have no drainage during the day?

I am 3.5 weeks post op from circumferential body lift and brachioplasty. I started off with 6 drains and now have 1 drain that is still putting out... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift, Butt Lift with fat transfer, Circumferential Tummy Tuck and Liposuction (Photo)

If someone had a lbl, bbl with fat transfer, circumferential TTwith Lipo what areas of the body will this help? I want to know if it actually will... READ MORE

Swelling after circumferential body lift. How long before a revision can take place?

Hello, I recently went through a 360 body lift. How long does the swelling usually take to go down? And why does it seem like nothing has changed? I... READ MORE

Does anyone do a surgery that removes the circumferential skin around the chest area? (photo)

I have had all the surgeries to remove excess skin after a 130 lb weight loss ( not done with bariatric surgery though) I still have lots of loose... READ MORE

Timeline for recovery from a circumferential low body lift? Am I missing something?

What is the timeline for recovery from a circumferential low body lift? I know total recovery is 4-6 weeks and drains are used the first 3 weeks and... READ MORE

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