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How Much Skin Can Be Tightened During Lower Body Lift?

I am 50 years old, 5'4" and 120 lbs. While pregnant, I gained 40 lbs. twice. I have saggy unsightly skin, cottage cheese and piles forming in... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift with Incision Under Buttocks?

Is there anyone out there willing to do lower body lifts with an incision *under* the buttocks? I tried it with an incision in the belt line, skin... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift or a Combination of Other Surgery and Treatments?

I’ve had two babies and have had weight fluctuations. For years now, I’ve been eating very healthy, and exercising almost daily, but this... READ MORE

Can I Remove the Loose Skin on my Backside and Thighs in One Surgery and What Scars Would I Have?

I am male, 28 year old and lost 140lb over 10 years ago. This left loose skin across my body. I have had a gynaecomastia procedure and full... READ MORE

How Much Would a Lower Body Lift with Brazillian Butt Lift Cost?

I am a woman in my early forties who's lost 40 lbs and am looking to lose 20-30 more. I I have a lot of sagging all over my body and flattening of... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Lipo, or Do I Need Lower Body Lift?

I exercise , mostly running. I have recently had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. but I am so unhappy with there appearance of my butt and thighs... READ MORE

How can I prevent my butt from flattening after a lower body lift?

I'm having the Lower body lift in a few weeks . I read that the LBL can make your butt flat after. does this happen to everyone or does it depend on... READ MORE

Will Lower Body Lift Remove Some of my Tattoo?

I have a full back tattoo that goes down to the crack of my butt and I was wondering if I would loose some of my tattoo if I had a Lower body lift. I... READ MORE

Skin Tightening Options After 50kg Weight Loss and Loose Skin?

Its not too bad but wrinkly and some little sagging around tummy, butt and inner thighs. Is there anything I can do besides surgery to get rid of... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift - Only on One Side?

I had liposuction on my hips and buttocks and now I have a 4 inch sag line of loose skin under one buttock but not the other. My buttocks are the same... READ MORE

Not all skin removed during posterior body lift? (photos)

I am 3wks post op of a posterior body lift, and though my flanks have gone away, I do not feel my butt is lifted to it's fullest. When I stand up, it... READ MORE

Post op 9 weeks lower body lift. Is this an infection? It hurts and looks nasty. (Photo)

I am post op 9 weeks for lower body lift. My healing has been fairly uneventful except for a small area where my old belly button was located. It had... READ MORE

Can I Get a Lower Body Lift Without a Tummy & Thigh Tuck?

I know you can get a bbl but i dont feel like that would do justice to my butt. my butt is saggy and it needs a good lift...for example like the... READ MORE

Butt cheeks pulled apart after body lift. Is this permanent?

I had a body lift with fleur de lis incision last Friday (3 days post op). I was able to shower today and noticed my butt cheeks are pulled apart in... READ MORE

Seromas to Upper Buttocks After Lower Body Lift Persist After 3-1/2 Months

I had a lower body lift on 9/16. Drains in 6 wks that were putting out 90cc when they were pulled. I now have seromas in the upper part of my buttocks... READ MORE

What are some possible reasons why one side of my butt is high, swollen and painful post lower body lift? (Photo)

I'm trying not to freak out but this looks pretty bad & I can't stop staring at it. My doctor has over 25 years of experience and I have confidence in... READ MORE

Uneven buttocks post lower body lift. Could this be from swelling or will I require corrective surgery? (Photo)

This is what I look like 3 days post op. My right side still hurts and was bleeding whereas my left side was not. My right hip feels hard. I'm... READ MORE

Realistically, how much lift do you get from posterior body lift? Will it get this mess lifted? (Photo)

Cant believe i have to go through all this. The more settled the lipo got the more gross. Now its showing how much he took out and just dumped it,... READ MORE

Whats Procedure Should I Opt So That I Can Get Rid of the Sagging Skin off my Body?

I have lost significant amount of body weight in the last two years due to which now i am facing problem of sagging skin around my stomach and my butt... READ MORE

Price Range to Remove Back Skin and Price Range for a Butt Lift? (photo)

I had lipo of my back rolls in feb 2013 and now I'm left with extra skin ..... Also I had butt injects July 2012 and now I've noticed that the butt... READ MORE

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