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Procedure to Remove a Large Apron of Fat

I'm overweight, but have lost weight going from 400lbs. to 330. I'm 24 years old with good blood pressure, and no diabetes nor other health... READ MORE

Do I qualify for "belly apron" removal?

I have lost 115lbs, I have had 2 children via c-section that were 10lb 3 oz. and 10lb 13oz. My lower abdomen hangs and is heavy and causes pain. It... READ MORE

Full Lower Body Lift Vs. Tummy Tuck & Then Lower Body Lift?

From my very top weight during pregnancy, I've lost over 100lbs, so my stomach is in terrible shape with stretch marks, excess skin and an "apron".... READ MORE

Grade 3 Apron Complication?

Hi, I lost 140# from bariatric surgery. I fluctuate 10-20# but, have stabilized @ 210. I have a grade 3 apron. I read that the higher the grade the... READ MORE

I have a large apron of skin from major weight loss. Is there any plastic surgeons/schools who would remove pro bono? (Photo)

I lost 120 pounds 5 years ago, which I have kept off. I have a large apron of loose skin the photo does not show how bad it actually drops over the... READ MORE

I weighed 550 lbs, now weigh 255. Will an apron removal be worth the pain and healing? (Photo)

I'm supposed to get surgery Wednesday June 10, but am worried it won't be enough removed to benefit from it.. READ MORE

Is a boxy waist shape post Lower Body Lift due to patient's body type or a result of having a LBL?

I understand most people's results vary due to their general body shape. If they were somewhat boxy before, they tend to be boxy after. I had an... READ MORE

I've been on this site a little over a month and I'm not sure what procedure would be right for me. (Photo)

I have the apron from a c-section. I'm 260 5'8 1/2. I feel I need to whole caboodle. I'm not looking for the little waist big butt scenario just a... READ MORE

Lower body lift or less invasive?

Healthy 53YO female lost 125 lbs. Now 215. weight stable. 46% body fat. Pear shape. Weight loss produced flat upper stomach but apron in lower abdomen... READ MORE

Can you have the apron surgery after a vertical incision csection?

If I have excess skin from weight loss can I have the apron surgery if I previously had a vertical incision C-section? READ MORE

Do you have any suggestions that would benefit me regarding the weight of my lap apron on my chronic back pain?

I am a 61 year old obese disabled female. I have recently lost weight, on my own, from 324 to 282 which added to my lap apron. I have had cronic lower... READ MORE

I'm 33, was nearly 400lb and 3 years ago I had gatric bypass surgery and lost 190lbs. I weigh around 205...

I am 33..was nearly 400lb and 3 years ago I had gatric bypass surgery and lost 190lbs.. I weight around 205... I have the apron fat hanging down to my... READ MORE

Will the remaining skin (after the apron is removed) be smoother (appearance wise)? (Photo)

Will the remaining skin (after the apron is removed) be smoother (appearance wise) ? Is there any hope for belly button returning to looking normal? READ MORE

Is it safe to have apron surgery if I have type 2 insulin dependent and congestive heart failure?

I'm a 6' tall, 44 year old Samoan chick that has lost 100 lbs and now weighs 270LBS. I'd like to have the apron done as it's where I hold all my... READ MORE

Body contouring, breast reduction and lift, arm lift?

I had weight loss surgery 2007 lost 74 pounds, I went to 170 pounds and like myself that way. I did gain 20 pounds and lost 10. I know that if I had... READ MORE

Do I qualify for the removal of my belly apron? (Photo)

I had twins a year ago and i can seem to get rid of this hanging fat. I changed eating habits and work out now losing weight isnt making it better.... READ MORE

Should I get my apron removed? (Photo)

Since my first child 23 years ago I have had a little bit of a mother's apron. It has gotten worse since I had my 3rd and final baby in August 2016. I... READ MORE

WHAT Causes "apron of flesh" to develop in later years?

During the past several years I put weight on, not taken it off, so what caused the "apron"? READ MORE

Body Lift, Lower Body Lift??? I had weight loss surgery years ago, now

I have the abdominal apron, back falanges. small pouch over knees and skin hangs on my upper arms. What would be best for me? READ MORE

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