3 Months Post-op + Body Lift

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I Have a Pilonidal Cyst 12 Weeks After my 360 Degree Circumfrontial Body Lift Surgery? (photo)

I had a 360 circumfrontial body lift done in Aug. and I still have a tiny pinhole opening on my back above the buttcrack. It started dime sized but... READ MORE

Seromas to Upper Buttocks After Lower Body Lift Persist After 3-1/2 Months

I had a lower body lift on 9/16. Drains in 6 wks that were putting out 90cc when they were pulled. I now have seromas in the upper part of my buttocks... READ MORE

Body Lift Splint Stitch Or Infection? (photo)

12 weeks op body lift and area on upper but has this stitch that is splitting but I can not remove it myself like my ps recommend me doing. It looks... READ MORE

Is it normal to start swelling again and feel sharp pains after weeks of no pain at all?

I had a lower body lift 14 weeks ago and have felt amazing up until 4 days ago. I started back at the gym 3 weeks ago and have been taking it easy and... READ MORE

12 Weeks post op Circumferential Body Lift. No longer on prescription pain medication, what OTC remedies can I use?

I am approximately 12 weeks post op from a circumferential body lift. Approximately 12 lbs of skin/fat was removed as well as muscle tightening.... READ MORE

Should I continue wearing my compression garment now that I am 3 months post op from lower body lift? Swelling continues (Photo)

I had an ultrasonic lower body lift w/stomach repair & Lipo 11/2/15. Very little swelling, No fluid/seroma issues. 4th wk sudden ab swelling. Checkup... READ MORE

3 months PO Lower Body Lift with good results, my lower stomach muscles are sore when I work out. How long with this last?

I am almost 3 months PO Lower Body Lift with good results. I have just resumed core exercises (been having other surgeries so I had to wait to... READ MORE

I had a 360 lower body lift 12 weeks ago. I don't have spasms just a clinching of the ab muscles that does not quit

They become tight or cramped when I get up in the a.m. And don't release all day It has been 12 weeks. Muscle relaxers don't help. READ MORE

How can I address the folds of skin left after my Bra line back lift? (photos)

I am 3 months post op after a Bra line back lift. My surgeon advised that I didn't need Liposuction as my issue was skin folds not fat. Although he is... READ MORE

My drain site hasn't closed after 11 weeks. Should it be healed by now? (Photo)

I had an LBL 11 weeks ago with 3 drains on either hip. I have a wound on one side that refuses to close. It had a large scab for weeks, so I covered... READ MORE

Are these things going to get worse and the numbness goes away and the skin relaxes more? Will I need revisions on my surgery?

I am 11 weeks post body lift, I seem to have excessive amounts of skin on my flanks and hips and there is a divot on my left hip noticeable in and out... READ MORE

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