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How Much Does It Cost to Remove Excess Skin and Stretch Marks After Losing 150 Lbs? (photo)

I used to weigh 356 lbs after years of exercise, watching my diet. I finally lost close to 150 lbs. My current wt is 217 lbs. My left cartiledge is... READ MORE

Body Lift + Liposuction for Weight Loss Patient?

I have lost 60 pounds I gained after having twins and a another baby. Resulting in excess saggy skin & fat around my belly and thighs. My height... READ MORE

Is Waiting 6 Weeks for a Consult Normal? Do I Need to Lose Weight Before Having Lower Body Lift and BA? (Photo)

I'm wondering if 6 weeks is a reasonable time frame for a consult. Also, I am 5'9-5'10 (I've lost height due to a couple herniated... READ MORE

How Long Do Surgeons Want You to Maintain Weight Before a Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I am a 34 year old female 5'11" currently weighing 215lbs. I weighed almost 300 two years ago and have a lot of skin issues. I would like to get down... READ MORE

Looking for Complete Male Chest Transformation After Weight Loss? (photo)

23yr old white MALE, 6 foot. I weighed 375 3 years ago, diet only I got down to 180lbs in one year. Currently am 220lbs and holding. I have a "flappy"... READ MORE

Would a Plastic Surgeon Do a Lower Body Lift if the Patient Hasn't Met the Goal Weight?

I'm 40, had 2 children via c-section. I'm 5'10. At my max weight I was 260lbs. Now 220lbs. 3 dr.'s have told me I'm not big enough for The Band. I've... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Body Lift? (photo)

I weigh 220 and was 260 at my biggest. I'm 5'10 and large boned. Doctors refused me for the lap band. I'm told muscle weighs more then fat. I have a... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Surgery Now? (photo)

I had weight loss surgery over a year ago. I have lost close to 130 lbs. I am currently 220 lbs. I was told for my height ( 5'5) I should be 155 at... READ MORE

Saggy Skin Everywhere After Weight Loss?

I am a 20 year old boy and I have recently went from 19 stone to 15 stone. However, i've now reached a weight that wont seem to shift.I have a... READ MORE

I have lost over 350 pounds. Are there programs, payment arrangements, or doctors willing to perform pro bono work? (Photo)

I had a duodenal switch in the winter of 2010. Since then I have gone from 598 pounds to 240. I never thought I could do so well. As a result though,... READ MORE

Is it best to work out before or after a lower body lift?

52 yr old 225 looking to get to 180 then do lower body lift. Do I lift weights and tone first before lower body lift or have the lift, wait a bit then... READ MORE

Lower body lift or less invasive?

Healthy 53YO female lost 125 lbs. Now 215. weight stable. 46% body fat. Pear shape. Weight loss produced flat upper stomach but apron in lower abdomen... READ MORE

Should I get a lift now or later?

52 year old healthy pearshape female.No medical excellent.Weighed 340 lbs July 2012 & now 225 by healthy diet and exercise At this weight... READ MORE

When and at what weight should I get a body lift? Should I go ahead with lipo now? I've scheduled a lift in 9 months.

I'm a 220 lbs, 5'9'', 32 y/o lady, down 100 lbs. I've been ~210 for 2+ yrs. My goal weight is 190, but I seem to maintain ~210 despite efforts. I got... READ MORE

Should I lose more weight before considering cosmetic surgery or could I benefit from some cosmetic surgery? (Photo)

I am a 50 yr old female. I had the gastric sleeve procedure in November/2016. My start weight was 328 lbs and now I'm at 225 lbs. Should I lose more... READ MORE

How much should I weigh to be eligible for skin removal surgery?

I'm 18 years old, and I have lost roughly 75 pounds. I am 214.8 lbs currently, and already have a lot of loose skin. I really want skin removal... READ MORE

41, 3 kids, currently 100 kg. Is a body lift or tummy tuck a better option? (Photo)

I'm know I'm overweight ( currently 100 kg) i have trouble with rashes under my tummy apron, my gp suggested tummy tuck, feel like I'm in a circular... READ MORE

50 yr old male 375 pounds a year ago currently 215 pounds - surgery costs and recovery time?

I lost my weight naturally with healthy foods, meal prepping and working out 5 days a week but I now have a lot of loose saggy skin! My stomach,... READ MORE

52YO 225lb Female -which proceedure to do first if lift and lipo are involved?

It is recommended I lose another 35-40 lbs before LBL. But I want to get arm lift/lipo,breast and neck lift as well. My question is, which should I do... READ MORE

How much more weight should I lose before I am considered a great candidate for skin removal surgery?

I've been obese my entire life. Highest weight was 377. Current weight is 226. I'm 5'6" and 29 years old. How much more weight should I lose before I... READ MORE

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