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Sex After Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I had a Lower Body Lift about 2 weeks ago after losing over 200 pounds. Am wondering when it would be safe to have sexual "activity." I'm just afraid... READ MORE

I Had a Lower Body Lift 2 Weeks Ago, I Have Huge Amounts of Swelling (20lbs)! Is This Normal?

I had a Lower Body Lift 2 weeks ago, I have huge amounts of swelling (20lbs)! Is this normal? READ MORE

How long will the swelling and pain last? (Photo)

I had a circumferential body lift about 1week and 4 days how long does the swelling in the stomach last is their anything I can take for the swelling... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift and Seroma?

Hi, I had a lower body lift 2 weeks ago. I had the drains out this past Friday, and by Sunday I noticed fluid collecting in my lower abdominal/pubic... READ MORE

Did Lower Body Lift 2weeks Ago Still Sagging Skin on Thighs, Why Is This?

I did a lower body lift 2 weeks ago and still I see my outer and back thighs have sagging skin I was not heavy 120lbs and not much skin to take out... READ MORE

How long will it take for the cleft of my buttocks wound to close? (Photos)

I developed a opening in the cleft at week 2 it seems to be getting larger. My surgeon like others says to keep the area dry with sterile gauze. How... READ MORE

Don't know what to think after LBL; need opinions as to if I'm going to need a revision eventually?

2 weeks out from LBL after losing 200lbs. I'm 5ft and about 105lbs. Issues: High incision- I can't hide it in the back under anything! It has my... READ MORE

LBL post-op day 12. Necrosis or just scabs? (Photos)

POD 12 LBL. I've been reading online that scabs are not normal on the incision, most of the time they are necrosis, and they happen to occur on the... READ MORE

Did a full body lift 2 weeks ? Hernia though?

I had a full body lift 2 weeks ago. I am healing well. Nil infection. When i initally got up in the hospital though, it really hurt. Now when i strain... READ MORE

How does this wound look? And what is all the yellowy looking skin around the incision? (photos)

I am almost 2 weeks post op from a torsoplasty. About 5 days post op I noticed some foul smelling drainage from where the two incisions meet at the... READ MORE

My skin is hard to the touch, how long can I expect this to last? (Photos)

I had a lower body lift with Fleur de Lis & lipo w/ fat transfer to butt 18 days ago. I am still swollen in my lower back, abs & hips. Drains... READ MORE

Realistic expectations - will I see any improvements in my LBL results? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift with with Fleur de Lis and lipo 17 days ago; still swollen in my lower back and abdomen. Drains removed 5 days post op, as I... READ MORE

Why am I having green discharge from my belly button? (Photo)

I am 2wks po today from a belt lipectomy fleur-de-lis. I have been following dr instructions to the letter. Twice a day i clean with antibacterial... READ MORE

This is how my wound looks after 2 weeks, what do I do? (Photos)

I don't know what else to do it's been almost 2 weeks it's on both right and left side and now I have more holes I have tried everything and it burns... READ MORE

JP site infection? 11 days post lower body lift. (photo)

I had a lower body lift, breast lift, and arm lift 11 days ago. I am having some yellowish drainage at 2 of the 4 JP drains. No pain, fever, or... READ MORE

Will my stomach and back flatten any more or is this close to final results? I want to set realistic expectations. (Photos)

LBL w/ Fleur de Lis & lipo 18 days ago. Drains removed 5 days post op. My stomach, sides & back are not as flat as I like. Looking at my pics... READ MORE

Does any of this tissue look healthy? Or does it all need to be debrided? (Photos)

First let me say that my PS is on top of this and I have full faith in him. I had a LBL two weeks ago. Yesterday my PS debrideld this section along my... READ MORE

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