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How Many Inches Are Lost Around the Waist After Body Lift?

I am 28 years old 5'8'', my peak weight was during pregnancy 450lbs, pre-pregnancy was 375. Ten days before body lift surgery, I am 5'8'' 195-205lbs... READ MORE

Is This Tummy Tuck Swelling Or? (photo)

Had full tt/body lift 7 days ago. 200lbs/6ft at time of surgery. removed 12 pounds of skin/fat. However I have a small sagging belly and fat or... READ MORE

What does stable weight mean? Why is it important?

I lost 200 lbs in 2015, but since December I've only lost 2-4 lbs a month. Does this count as stable, or should there be no change at all? Also, I... READ MORE

Which One Should I Do 1st? Arms, Legs, or Butt?

As you can see l need a full body makeover and don't know where to start. I have lost 130+ pounds in the last year and half. I am 35, 6'0, and 190 lbs... READ MORE

Skin Reduction - How Much is Too Much?

I lost over 200 lb, of course there is now a huge amount of extra skin. The skin is the largest organ. How much can be safly removed at a time? I'm... READ MORE

Can a woman safely carry a pregnancy after a body lift?

I am 26. I lost 160 pounds after lap band surgery 6 years ago. I have maintained a weight of 190 - 198 pounds For the last 5 years. I have a lot of... READ MORE

Would I need a full body lift? What surgeries would I need to be physically "normal" again? (photos)

I used to weigh 350..and now weigh 200..with all the weight loss every part of me is covered with saggy dimpled skin..my breasts lost their fullness... READ MORE

What procedures do I need, and how much should I expect to pay? (Photo)

Firs time posting, ive recently starting looking into gettin surgery after my weight loss. i started dieting and exercising november 2013, and so far... READ MORE

I went from 340 pounds to 190 pounds...am I a good candidate for skin removal surgery?

Hey my name is Brian when i began my weight loss journey i was at 340lbs,now weighing in at 190lbs...My question is am i a good canidate for skin... READ MORE

Lower body lift or extended abdominoplasty? (photos)

I'm 207 lost 80lbs don't desire to be super skinny don't expect to have a flat tummy just the skin removed and I believe I'll be happy with the... READ MORE

Arm, Breast and Body Lift at the same time? Recommendations? (photos)

40yrs, 5'10 and ~200lbs. Lost over 100lbs, 2 children via c-section and weight is stable. Main areas of concern are arms, loose skin in underarm area... READ MORE

What would you suggest I do? I lost 84 pounds thus far. From 280 to 194 in 8 months. (photos)

Should I do full body lift or just a mommy make over with a inner thigh lift. I'm still losing weight. I had gastric sleeve 8 months ago. I went from... READ MORE

Is it possible to get body contouring with medical insurance? (caresource)

Had gastric bypass in 2012. I was 400lbs and now im dow to 195. I have excess skin everywhere that causes problem such as yeast infections... READ MORE

I'm 33, was nearly 400lb and 3 years ago I had gatric bypass surgery and lost 190lbs. I weigh around 205...

I am 33..was nearly 400lb and 3 years ago I had gatric bypass surgery and lost 190lbs.. I weight around 205... I have the apron fat hanging down to my... READ MORE

I had a gastric sleeve in 2014. I've lost 161 pounds. Feel good in a size 12, weight has been stable for the past 5 mon (Photo)

My tummy, my arms and my breasts seem to be the worst of it. Please your advice would be most appreciated. I weighed 354 before. I now weigh 193. READ MORE

Trying to decide when surgery would be appropriate? (Photos)

I have lost 196# over the last year. My current weight is 199# I am 5'10" and 43. Working with my nutritionist and after having a Bod Pod my goal... READ MORE

Can a FDL be combined with a lower body lift? (Photos)

I have lost 125lbs and researching for a MMO. Currently I am 190lbs and 5'7". Would I benefit more from a lower body lift or a fleur de lis? Can the 2... READ MORE

If I am a female 200 lbs and 26.5 bmi , can I have loose skin removed by a surgeon?

I am currently 290 after gastric bypass Andi have no desire to be 150-160 lbs....I WANT to remain at 185-200 which is still considered overweight but... READ MORE

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