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Realistic Expectations For Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I'm 51, 5'2" and 168. I'm losing weight with diet and exercise and still have more to lose prior to surgery. I'm wondering what I... READ MORE

Lost 101 Lbs. Have Loose Skin. Also Developed B.D.D. Afraid to Consult with a Surgeon.

Hello.I'm kevin.I lost 101 lbs.Would surgey help me? I didit by adopting ahealthy lifestyle and eating correctly, and lifting weights 5 days a... READ MORE

100+ Pound Loss, Apple Shape, Stubborn Back/Stomach Fat: LBL or LBL with Anchor?

33, 5'5, 155. How do you as a surgeon, irregardless of extra scars, decide whether to do LBL or LBL with fleur de lis, and why are some surgeons... READ MORE

I Have Lost from 145 Kg to 77 Kg (68 Kg) Lost? (photo)

I have quite a lot of excess skin on my abdomen, chest, back and upper arm. I am 16 year old male. I was wondering what will the recovery time be... READ MORE

Exercise Goals Before a Body Lift?

I am a personal trainer who has a client that has lost 100+ lbs through hard work and weight loss surgery. She is 31 , 5"5 , 162 lbs and is in good... READ MORE

How Much Should I Weigh Before Body Lift?

Highest Weight: 280lbs Current weight: 163lbs Height: 5'6 So, I want to be around 150lbs BEFORE surgery but I honestly feel like I cannot lose much... READ MORE

Should we be expecting better results 5 months post circumferential lower body lift? What to do about legs? (photos)

I am a P/T and Nutritionist. client start @264 lbs - n 13 mo on a gd nut.low fat, low gly. fd plan lost 110 lbs. has had masto& brachio 1.5 yrs... READ MORE

Do I need an upper body lift? (photos)

Hello a plastic surgeon told me i need an upper body lift to get the best shape and achieve a better look with the skin on my back, arms and side of... READ MORE

Why is my tummy not flat and is bigger above my incision line 7 weeks post op?

Have had this problem since day 3 of surgery. My stomach is bigger than my pubic mound right above my incision line. It is not flat like normal... READ MORE

How effective are the results of lower body lift?

I am a 41 year old female who weighs 150 lbs. I have never had extensive weight loss, but I had 2 c-sections and would like a tummy tuck. I also have... READ MORE

Will I lose any amount of inches from my waist after a full body lift?

I'm a 5'8, 155 lb 20 year old male. My unclothed waist measurement is 34 in, but I want to be able to wear pants with a 29 in. waist. I can easily... READ MORE

Am I a Canidate for a Back Lift?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift with smart liposuction to my abs, flanks, bra rolls and axilla area. Im 3 weeks post surgery with some swelling, 5.3, 167... READ MORE

Lower body lift candidate? (Photo)

I'm 34 years old. I got pregnant when i was young and gained almost 100lbs.+. I lost after 9 months. I'm 5'7 and I'm 150lbs. I work out regularly... READ MORE

I lost over 100lbs and I want to know what exactly I'd need to get done? (photos)

I was really over weight my entire childhood until i starting losing weight my senior year of high school. I was at my highest of 264lbs. I am 23... READ MORE

How many consults should I obtain from plastic surgeons? (photos)

I'm a weight loss patient wanting to inquire about lbl, arm lift and breast aug/lift. I'm also interested in a thigh lift but would like to get the... READ MORE

How long to wait post weight loss surgery for plastic surgery?

I am 7 years post gastric bypass. starting at 310 and now 165. I have fluctuated in weight quite a bit over the years by 40 lbs. this is the lowest... READ MORE

Massive weight loss, total body lift questions. Please help!

Hi there! I'm 30, 5'7, 150 lbs. I have had a massive weight loss (no surgery) and am needing a body lift for the mass amounts of skin and sagging.... READ MORE

How can I achieve more of an hourglass shape? (Photo)

Hello I had a lower body lift with no lipo on june/2016.Even though I'm happy with all the extra skin that was removed ,and the deformities in my butt... READ MORE

Looking for the best doctor to perform my post weight loss total body lift surgery. How much will it cost? (Photo)

Hey there! 30, 5'7, 150lbs. I lost 150lbs through diet and exercise and am looking for the best doctor to perform my total body lift. I need... READ MORE

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