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Hard Stomach After Body Jet Liposuction

My stomach is hard in most places. I had body jet lipo 03/22/2010. I feel like I have loose fat in my stomach and when I lay down I feel the fat... READ MORE

Normal Bodyjet Lipo 14 Days Post-OP Results?

All measurements(but 1)same. 14 yrs ago went thru tume.lipo 2x- 1st time no results.Revision:obvious results 10 days post-op. Had diff. areas this... READ MORE

Recovery period for Body Jet Lipo?

I would like to know how long will i bee swollen with the jet lipo also when can i start excercising again? READ MORE

I Had Body Jet/Aqualipo 6 Days Ago on Upper Lower Abs, Flanks. When Will Swelling Go Down?

I know there should be swelling and I wear my compression garment. But I did not consider I would not be able to fit into my cloths. The waist was... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-Op Body Jet and Wondering When Swelling will Go Down? I've Gained 6 lb.

Another member asked a similar question without a response. I am two weeks post op. here is that member's question," I Had Body Jet/Aqualipo... READ MORE

What Percentage is Fat in Collection Container of Bodyjet?

Wondering if 500 cc of the container on a Bodyjet Lipo Machine are much of those 500cc are just fluids/fat?How does the Bodyjet... READ MORE

Why I Didn See Any Result After Liposuction? (photo)

Liposuction on arm, abs, love handle, thigh, upper back, lower back. 1 month and 1 week post op, but I see very little results. Sad and Disappointed..... READ MORE

I Am 4 Weeks Post Body Jet Liposuction. Was ~700 Enough Taken Out? (photo)

I had my back, love handles, and my tummy done. I'm 5'6 148lbs and a mother of four. I was able to see results in my back but not in my sides or... READ MORE

3 week post op for body jet Lipo on Sunday. 28 year old female with 3 children. Revision Lipo or tummy tuck? (photos)

So I got body jet Lipo on March 22nd. I don't really see a difference in my before and after. Is this normal? Also I have some hard spots but then... READ MORE

Lump on flank after water jet lipo. Should I be worried? (Photo)

8 days post op water jet Lipo. I have a lump on my flank with a black and blue bruise in the same area. There's also a buckle in my garmet here.... READ MORE

Botched Aqua-Lipo - Can it be fixed?

Several years go I had aqua-lipo on my outer thighs. I was told the doctor was a board certified plastic surgeon. but turns out he wasn't. My outer... READ MORE

What is the difference between water lipo and lipo under local anesthesia and how do I know which one I received?

2 weeks ago I had Body Jet water lipo done on my thighs, however, I am still very bruised & sore. I wonder if regular lipo was done instead. During... READ MORE

Hard Area Below Navel 9 Months After Body Jet Water Assisted Liposuction and Smart Lipo?

Its been 9 months, and I have an area right below my navel that I can't normally see but can feel that is harder if I press on it, and is numb... READ MORE

I Need Some Answers About my Body Jet Lipo and Apollo Treatments After?

I had body jet done March 29th on upper and lower abdominal and flanks. Went for my two week follow up. I am still have bruising, swelling, sore to... READ MORE

What is Done for Fluid Build Up After 6 Wks Post Op W/ Body Jet Lipo?

Hi I had body jet lipo on my flanks, and full abdominal. I have a lot of fluid 2"x4" on my left flank. I have tried to use a heating pad for pain,and... READ MORE

7 weeks post Body Jet lipo. Could this still be swelling or do I need it redoing? (Photo)

I'm 7 weeks post BodyJet lipo, there are two sections on my inner thighs that have not worked. Could this still be swelling or do I need it redoing?... READ MORE

How Soon Should I Get Apllo Treatments After Body Jet/Aqua Lipo?

I had body jet/ aqua lipo done March 29th on upper and lower abdominal and flanks. Went for my two week follow up and pics. I am still have bruising,... READ MORE

How long does it take to see results of an upper abdominal Aqua Liposuction procedure?

I had an upper abdominal aqua liposuction procedure 5 days ago. I have had very little pain and don't seem to have much swelling so i was wondering if... READ MORE

Aqua Lipo Disaster - can it be fixed?

My outer thighs are concave & dimply and lumpy and I look deformed. I listed to all the hype on TV & went for a consultation. I called his office to... READ MORE

9 Weeks Post Op On Abs?

I still have not had a menstral cycle. I had 2 cycled within 2 weeks after body jet. Is this normal? READ MORE

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