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Will Obagi Nu Derm Work Well for Idian Skin? (photo)

Hello doc! i was on obagi for 3 weeks n took a gap for 2 weeks and now back, wondering if it works well for indians? i am on the 4th day now.. not bad... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Post Obagi Blue Peel, What Can I Do to Get Rid of It? (photo)

3 weeks ago, I had a 30 % Obagi blue peel, the estheticien aplied 2 coats all over the face and 2 extra coats over my cheeks. my cheeks compare to my... READ MORE

Not Really Peeling with Obagi, Is this Normal?

Hi. I am not really peeling on my Obagi NuDerm... I am doing it correctly, but nothing is really happening. I have used Retin A for a long time. Thanks! READ MORE

What Can Limit or Prevent Blue Peel Results?

I recenty had a blue peel on my face, neck and chest. Most of my face & neck didn't peel at all or had very light peeling (like a sunburn). My... READ MORE

What Happens when You Prematurely Peel Dead Skin After a Blue Peel?

After a blue peel, what happens to your skin if you prematurely begin to peel flaking skin from your face and leave red, raw spots? will it heal? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Severe Acne Breakout from an Obagi Blue Peel?

Is it common/normal to have a severe acne breakout from a TCA PEEL, 15% two layers, with the obagi blue peel? Before my peel i did not break out for... READ MORE

How Long Should the Blue Peel Stay On?

How long should a blue peel stay on my instrution are not clear mine has been on 4days READ MORE

More Brown Spots After 7wks on Obagi Nu-derm?

It is my 7th week on Obagi Nu-derm system. I found more brown spots showing on my face. The old sun damage is darker. My skin is smooth when I use... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Start Running Again After a Blue Peel?

I just had a deep blue peel applied 3 days ago. I am starting to peel. Is it too soon to start running? I am training for a marathon in January and... READ MORE

Results with Just 2 Layers of the Obagi Blue Peel?

I chickened out, and could not go for the 3rd layer of the peel. It just burned so much, and I could not get myself to relax, which in the past, I... READ MORE

Lower Eyelids Broken Capillaries/Purple Vein/Blue Vein

I began using Obagi 2,4 and 5 (with Refissa .05) and Clarisonic on lowest setting. Since use, (I'm male) broken capillaries have appeared on my... READ MORE

Why am I not peeling 3 days after an Obagi Blue Peel? (photo)

I've followed all instructions but nothing is happening. My PS said she did 4 layers, 2 at a time. It was quite painful during the procedure, but... READ MORE

Obagi Nu Derm caused severe inflammation and darkening of my skin. How can I treat this problem?

Last year Doctor recommended Obagi Nu Derm for acne and hyperpigmentation. She did a glycolic peel. After two weeks of Obagi my skin was inflamed and... READ MORE

How Can I Repair Hypopigmentation from an Old Obagi Blue Peel?

Debating Fraxel repair? A 2003 Obagi Blue left hypo on cheeks, jaw and forehead. Have had microderm, laser, and more chemical to repair with limited... READ MORE

How Long Before the Worsening of the Wrinkles Starts to Look Better?

I have been on Obagi nu derm for 3 weeks now. I have had the peeling, red, burning skin but it is getting better. My skin is very tight feeling and I... READ MORE

Hydroquinone and Pregnancy. Do I have a risk of birth defect on my baby?

I've been using Obagi 5, hydroquinone 4% over one year. Now I found out I am one month pregnant and stopped using it. Do I have a risk of birth... READ MORE

Starting the Obagi ZO. Can this be done with on a gradual process so minimizing peeling and redness?

My recommendations are Oilacleanse morn and even Vitascrub morning Cebatrol morning and night Ossential daily power defence morning and night... READ MORE

Worry About Getting Scars from an Obagi Blue Peel, Any OTC Products I Can Use to Prevent Scars?

I had a blue peel a couple of days ago and did not get a good peel. I am worried some scars may develope in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on OTC... READ MORE

Short Sun Exposure the Day After an Obagi Blue Peel Resulted in Blister. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had an Obagi Blue Peel 2 days ago. Unfortunately, I had to go to work the next day so I got a little bit of sun exposure, mostly in my car for about... READ MORE

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