Zeno launches new Mini for acne

Beauty Cred on 18 Aug 2008 at 9:40pm

If you think acne-clearing device. Zeno has launched a more convenient and portable size of its popular hand-held--this one fits more easily in pockets and small purses, and all it needs are 2 AAA batteries.

acne-clearing device joins three other Zeno zit zappers that are already on the market: Zeno Classic, Zeno PRO, and Zeno MD (available only through partner physicians). The Zeno works by emitting a controlled dose of heat directly onto the blemish via a metal pad.

Now that Zeno's acne-clearing device has gotten even more handy, it looks like putting acne bouts under control will just be a matter of putting your hand in your pocket or purse, pulling out Zeno Mini, and zapping pimples anytime, anywhere--though the Zeno Mini seems most convenient for travel vs. whipping it out on a date...

Have you tried Zeno Acne Mini? Let us know if it worked for you!