Do Your Earlobes Hang Low?

A. Foley on 26 Dec 2012 at 9:00am

Saggy ears: for some it’s a natural part of aging, for other it’s the result of wearing a lot of heavy earrings. Whichever it is, apparently more people want it fixed.  

A quick look in the RealSelf forums reveals that ear lobe surgery is in fact gaining traction in the US.

As we know from more common cosmetic surgeries, people feel older and less attractive when their skin droops. So why wouldn’t some want their earlobes to be lifted, tightened, and minimized as surgeons do for other parts of the body?

Dr. Sam Naficy shares what do to for earlobe repair: “For a slight reduction in size and lift, CO2 laser resurfacing is a good option as it shrinks earlobes without the need for incisions. 

Surgical options such as wedge or star excision are also options.”  

And it’s not just older adults pursuing earlobe work.

As gauge earrings continue to be trendy, younger people find themselves needing assistance in filling the holes left when they want to change up their look. RealSelf member Alva97 asked the doctors whether time would heal his hole. The consensus among doctors is that while the hole will close up a fair amount, it will never heal completely, and will require surgery to return to its original state.

So for those who can’t resist the allure of large earrings but find the thought of looking too ear-y to be downright eerie, there is a solution that doesn't involve lobe tape


Do you think earlobe surgery will become more popular as the gauged-ear generation ages?


Photo credit: Dr. Peter Schmid; Alva97