Is your blush style making you look old?

Beauty Cred on 18 Dec 2006 at 6:06pm

80's makeup a thing of the 80'sStill wearing your blush like warpaint? Do you sport a strip of color under your cheekbones and back into your temples? Sorry honey, your blush may be making you look old.

Laura Mercier, celebrity makeup artist and author of The New Beauty Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide to a Flawless Face, says she wants to scream when ever she sees it! 

The way to achieve a healthy-looking glow is to blend the color directly on your cheekbones using a round stroke with the side of your brush. The goal is to look like you have a slight flush, not a to create a separation line between your upper and lower face. 

The three B's of makeup - blend, blend and blend.  This is true of foundation, sunscreen, eyeshadow and of course blush.make up

This new little blush from Laura Geller may make it even easier to practice this new approach. 

Laura Geller Cheek Sweeps gets rid of all brushes.  You simply, hold the blush in the palm of your hand and swirl over your cheekbones.  Ladies, are you listening? Only the cheekbones.  The actual shape of the blush is in a dome so you get even applications and the color is super sheer, so it is hard to over-do, unless you are really trying. 

Available for $29 in 2 colors: Primrose Pop and Peachy Pop.