The Real Story About Eyelid Surgery Nightmares

Princess 19 on 6 Apr 2011 at 12:00am

A New Jersey woman made headlines recently because she is suing her doctor for a botched eyelid surgery.  The woman, Marilyn Leisz, had gone to this doctor to remove bumps from a previous 2005 eyelid surgery.  The previous surgery had been performed by someone else.  She now says she cannot fully close her eyes, even while sleeping.

There are risks with every surgery, even eyelid surgery. But, forever seeing the world with "eyes wide open?" Let's chalk that one up as an eye job nightmare.

“…To blink I really have to really squeeze my eyes to … fully close my eyes," says Leisz.

The doctor says through his lawyer that Ms. Leisz was well aware of the risks  - that she was not a prime candidate having had multiple procedures beforehand.

“This patient was given information about those risks,” said his attorney.

Ms. Leisz disagrees.  It's a virtual "he said, she said" in the courtroom.

eyes won't close after eye surgery

This actual topic "Eyelids Won't Shut After Blepharoplasty" is discussed at length on RealSelf.  In fact, it is quite common, yet not usually permanent.

"It is very common to have subtle amounts of this condition in the immediate post-operative period. For most patients, this resolves within a couple weeks, " says Dr. Louis W. Apostolakis, a facial plastic surgeon in Austin, TX. 

It can sometimes take months before the healing process of eyelid surgery subsides.  During this time, it is possible that the eyes will not be able to naturally shut on their own without work.  Frequent lubrication is imperative during this time.  A 2mm opening is, unfortunately, fairly common.

For Ms. Leisz, her "worst case scenario" has resulted in sleeping with a vaporizer, using gel, and allegedly losing some of her vision.  Ouch. 

Unfortunately, this is a sad lesson on when to say "no" to additional procedures.  According to New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer, accepting some things, such as bumps, should be par for the course. He says "you will save yourself much grief and distress by being patient and not over-analyzing everything in the mirror. "

Well said, Doctor.  Well said.

before and after eyelid surgery

Photo credits: and dillara on RealSelf