World's Youngest Transsexual Opens Up About Her Journey

Princess 19 on 9 Jan 2012 at 10:30am

One of the youngest sex change patients opens up about her life and her experience since becoming a young woman.

Since the age of three Jackie Green has always associated with being a girl.  But at the time, she was a boy named Jack.  Playing with dolls and wearing girl's clothing was not exactly acceptable behavior for a little boy.  Her family knew at the time she was different.

"When she was such a girly boy from such an early age I even started hoping she might grow out of it and it might turn out that I had a gay son," Jackie's mother, Susie, told the Daily Mail.  

"I think I must have been one of the few parents who was actually praying I had a gay son," she went on.

"But you could see from about the age of three it wasn't just the toys she played with it was as much as the way she played with them."

Jackie knew then that she wanted to be a girl, recalled her mother.

"And she just said to me: 'Mummy, God made a mistake, I have a girl's brain in a boy's body.'''

At first, Jackie's mother tried to dissuade her son (at the time) from the "girly" habits.  But, fighting it became futile.

As years passed, Jackie's life was filled with misery as she was bullied and tormented over the choice to dress as a young girl while still a boy - all through grade school.  One can only imagine what such a young transgender would go through.

Jackie after her reassignment surgery

Soon, suicidal tendencies enveloped Jackie's thoughts - as well as an attempt to remove her body's male genitals.  Her mother decided to take action and made the brave decision to save her child's life by stopping male puberty from developing and supporting her desire to be a girl.

When she was 16, Jackie's mother took a loan out on her home to help pay for the gender reassignment surgery.  Jackie's father, who Susie divorced when Jackie was young, helped pay for the treatment.  The expenses totaled about $34,000.  Jackie underwent the eight hour surgery in Thailand, where the laws are more relaxed for an underaged individual to have this kind of procedure.

It has been two years since the surgery and Jackie is living a healthy normal life and becoming a confident young woman.  She is even dating and has a steady boyfriend who has no issue with her past.  

"I actually thank my bullies because they have made me a stronger person, she said.

"I don't like the idea of hiding, why should I? I think it would make me feel ashamed when I'm actually proud of myself."

Hopefully sharing her story will help other teenagers that might feel the same way.

Photo credit:  The Sun and Ross Parry UK