4 Things We Learned From This Year’s World Congress of Dermatology

Elisabeth Kramer on 9 Jul 2015 at 8:25pm

WCDEarlier this year, RealSelf attend the World Congress of Dermatology. With more than 11,000 dermatologists and other cosmetic industry VIPs in attendance, the DWC was a week of education, information, and insights. Here’s what we took away from this year’s conference:

1) Where you live matters.
The DWC was a global atmosphere, providing perspective on how other countries address common beauty concerns. Among other findings, we learned that some Canadian drug stores have special departments for beauty products often featuring a nurse, while in China, you’re more likely to have beauty representative arrive on your doorstep. The one constant? People care about cosmetic procedures and want to be informed of their options.

2) Personalization is key.
You’re unique so why shouldn’t your beauty treatments be? That’s what we found ourselves asking after learning more about treatments tailored to a specific person’s skin type, ethnicity, age, and a variety of other factors.

3) DIY dermatology — it’s on the rise.
Dermatologists were buzzing about how the treatments they provide in the office are increasingly being done at home. But is DIY dermatology safe? That’s one of the many questions people grappled with during this year’s DWC.

4) Lasers are the future.
Everywhere we went we heard something new about lasers. That’s not particularly surprising; we’ve seen increased interest on our side of things too. Interest in laser treatments is up more than 23% in the last year alone. Of course, increased interest doesn’t mean increased safety. Lasers can still do major damage so be sure you know what to expect.

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Photo source: World Congress of Dermatology