Woman Gets Surgery to Look Like Real Life Jessica Rabbit, Why You Should Eat More Butter, & More — #RealNews Roundup

Jager Weatherby on 13 Jun 2014 at 12:00pm

Penny Brown Gets Surgery to Look Like Human Jessica Rabbit

Too busy to sift through the web to find the health and beauty news you need to know for this week? Not to worry, we sifted through the headlines and pulled out the interesting ones just for you. Read on to catch up on what you might've missed!

In an effort to achieve her dream of having an exaggerated hourglass figure, 25-year-old model Penny Brown underwent two breast augmentations to take her from a 35H to a 36O. “I've been obsessed with Jessica Rabbit from a really early age,” she explains. “I think she is incredibly sexy and there's a real power and strength to her character. I've always wanted to copy that.” To complete the cartoon-inspired look, Jessica has shrunk her waist to a shocking 23-inches by wearing a corset for up to 23 hours a day. (Ouch!) Penny transformation isn’t complete, however, as she plans to keep having surgery until her “boobs are as big as possible.”

Penny may have a thing for extreme proportions, but the desire for “Playboy-sized implants” is actually going down. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, implants are on the decline and breast lifts on the rise (pun intended). “DD used to be the only cup size that anybody wanted,” explains Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton. “Now I'm getting requests for perkier Bs and smaller Cs as well. [...] I'm also seeing a major increase in women seeking breast reductions and implant removals.”

Fat has long been the most condemned nutrient in the American diet, but new science has revealed that it’s not what’s hurting our health. In a provocative cover story titled “Eat Butter,” Time magazine urges us to indulge in moderate amounts of saturated fat (found in butter, cheese, and meat), claiming that it’s actually beneficial. “When fat [is] vilified, we replace those fats with… you guessed it… refined carbohydrates and sugar,” adds diet expert Joy Bauer. “That’s why we’re in trouble now.”

Temporary Lipstick Tattoo

Do you love lipstick enough to temporarily tattoo it on your mouth? Well, now you can! A “magic” product out of Morocco claims to react differently on every mouth to deliver customized color to each wearer. Not only does the product (which looks green in the tube) change with individual chemistry, but it’s also been known to stay put for up to 24 hours. Sign us up!

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Photo credits: Penny Brown on Facebook, Courtesy of MenRepeller