Woman Spends Student Loans on Plastic Surgery and Why Sunglasses Make You More Attractive — #RealNews Roundup

Jager Weatherby on 24 Jun 2014 at 3:00pm

Katerina Christodoulou

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College graduates are attempting to navigate the world in the midst of crippling debt, but one student is reaping the rewards of her massive student loans. 21-year-old English literature major Katerina Christodoulou took out $17,000 to spend on plastic surgery. The British-born beauty treated herself to procedures on her hips, thighs, and knees, and is now turning heads with a perky new derrière. Instead of moving back in with her parents (like many college graduates are forced to these days), Katerina hopes her purchases will pay off as she pursues a career in modeling.

Another woman has used plastic surgery to further her career, but she’s going about it in a slightly different way. Romanian tennis star Simona Halep underwent a breast reduction surgery in 2009 in an effort to better her game. Now, after going from a 34DD to a 34C, the 22-year-old is seeded number three at Wimbledon. “She is more confident, more mobile, and her strokes are less restricted now that those obstacles have been reduced,” noted one commentator. Simona’s recently appointed coach Wim Fissette added that her breast reduction has been an “important part of her career.”

Netatmo June Bracelet

Summer’s finally here and so is the glorious sun, but that doesn’t mean you should be hitting the beach without taking the proper precautions. After all, skin cancer has become the leading cause of cancer in the United States, with 90 percent of cases caused by exposure to the sun. Thankfully, technology keeps providing us with fancy ways to stay safe, like the new Netatmo June bracelet. The gadget, created by French jewelry designer Camille Toupet, alerts the wearer when she’s gotten too much sun. It takes your information into consideration, like your hair color and skin tone, and offers protection advice like which level of SPF to use. (We’d like to see our husbands attempt to call this jewelry impractical!)

You may want to limit your time in the sun, but you should certainly wear your sunglasses for as long as humanly possible! According to some new research out of Nottingham Trent University, almost all of us look more attractive when we’re wearing shades. Senior lecturer Vanessa Brown explains that sunnies cover up asymmetrical oddities around our eyes, and that there’s a proven link between symmetry and our perception of beauty. Brown adds that eye contact helps us form opinions about others, but that covering the eyes creates an air of mystery. It’s common knowledge that mystery leads to increased excitement and attraction, drawing us even closer to that person we “can’t figure out.” Guess we all better start wearing our sunglasses at night!

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Photo credits: Katerina Christodoulou on Facebook; Courtesy of Netatmo