3 Ways To Look Less Angry

VVartanian on 20 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

glabellar lines before and after botox forehead wrinklesThose years of thinking hard about your next masterful move have gotten you great places. You've got a corner office with a view and a paycheck to prove it. Unfortunately, though, all that brow furrowing has led to facial wrinkling.  

Even when you don't feel angry -- your forehead may be saying otherwise. RealSelf doctors offer three ways to look less angry, below.

Buddy up with Botox

before after botox for brow furrow 11's

"Botox and Dysport [seen in the above before and after] are marvelous medications to rid yourself of the "angry" look, which is caused by overactive muscles between the eyebrows. The medications prevent the muscles from contracting too much and when that happens, the brows gently lift and spread apart, taking away your angry look. It lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 months, so to maintain that look, you'll have to get injections a few times a year." -Dr. Mikel Lo

"Studies have shown that Botox can help depression by making people feel happier. This is felt to be a type of 'self fulfilling prophecy' -- when you look in the mirror and see yourself looking relaxed and not angry, you will start to feel that way, which will lead to a feeling of well-being." - Dr. Lorrie Klein

"We could also do some laser treatments to help stimulate your own collagen, but Botox is more of the quick fix." - Dr. Bruce E. Katz

Consider fat and/or fillers

before after restylane

"Fat injections, Juvederm or Radiesse [seen in the above before and after] can all be used to fill in the creases formed by the frown muscles. Fat has the added advantage that when it takes, it will last for years." -Dr. Robert M. Jensen

"Loss of volume in the forehead and in between the eyes, can lead to skin folding and a closer positioning of the skin to the muscles that are creating the wrinkles. Volumizing takes up the extra skin, separates the skin from the muscles and decreases the muscle's effect on the skin." -Dr. Philip Young

Or, search out surgery for the most permanent solution

brow lift before and after

"If you are looking for more of a 'permanent' solution, I would consider an endoscopic brow procedure [seen in the above before and after]. In the endoscopic brow procedure, a skilled board certified plastic surgeon can actually divide a major portion of your corrugator muscles -- essentially doing what Botox does temporarily. These corrugator muscles are the reason why you have these furrows and that angry look." -Dr. C. Bob Basu

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