3 Ways Olivia Wilde Can Fix Her Eyebrow Problem

WriterMama on 12 Jul 2012 at 5:00pm

Olivia Wilde eyebrowsOlivia Wilde has a hair-owing history with her eyebrows. It began when she was just five years old, and she shaved her face—including her unsuspecting brows—with her father's razor. It left her looking “like an alien without eyebrows.”

Since then, she's experienced mounting problems with brow grooming. “In my mid-teens, I plucked them to create that sexy Kate Moss arch,” she told ABC News. “I regret it because it damaged my follicles, and now it's hard for me to grow thick, bushy brows.”

Olivia no longer plucks. But if she's looking for thicker brows, there's hope for her—and every woman whose brows are skimpier than they'd like. If you're tired of penciling them in every morning, there are now some more permanent solutions for thicker brows.

Latisse: Grow your own brows

Latisse before and after

Latisse is marketed as a product that’ll give you fuller, thicker, and longer eyelashes. However, users have found it also works on brows.

“I actually had to switch mascaras to one that doesn't lengthen lashes. My sparse eyebrows are also showing signs of improvement,” says RealSelf community member SnapDragonfly.

Despite it only being FDA-approved lashes, doctors support the use of Latisse for eyebrows, too. “I have many patients in my practice who have found it to work quite well on their eyebrows,” says facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Elam.  “One of my clients who is the most esteemed eyebrow shaper in Newport Beach has also told me that she has seen exceptional results with many of her clients that have used it off-label in this area.”

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uGraft: Borrowing hair from elsewhere

eyebrow transplant before and after

Hair transplants have been hugely successful in other areas—so why not your brows? Dermatologic surgeon Dr. Sanusi Umar designed the uGraft machine to create more options for hair transplant donor sites -- specifically using fine leg and neck hair to fill in hair lines. But he found that it’s also ideal for transplanting those hairs to the brows.

“Advanced [follicular unit extraction] with uGraft is capable of transplanting hair from almost anywhere on the body, however, leg hair is ideal for eyebrow transplant for two reasons: its naturally thinner caliber (which makes for an excellent match to blend with the remaining eyebrow hair), and its naturally stunted length and slower growth,” says Dr. Umar.

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Eyebrow tattoos: Permanent ink

eyebrow tattoo before and after

At first the idea might sound weird—having eyebrows tattooed onto your face? You'd think this method would make your eyebrows stand out, just not in a good way. However, many women love the look of eyebrow tattoos.

“After years of perhaps being a little overzealous with the wax and the tweezers, I noticed my eyebrows were not growing back and I did not have an arch or ends," says RealSelf member NewJersey6995. "I used to use pencil and powder to draw on brows and wound up with dark brown oily eyelids after a few hours. I tend to rub my eyebrow/forehead when I am tired and that would remove more makeup. Now I wake up with brows, can swim with brows, and rub my forehead to my heart's content.” 

2/3 of reviewers say permanent makeup is worth it

Olivia Wilde could definitely benefit from any of these eyebrow-restoring solutions. Do you think a permanent brow procedure is worth it, if it means you'll be able to toss those eyebrow pencils in the trash forever? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credits: Cristiano Del Riccio on Wikimedia; Margaret Weiss, MD; Sanusi Umar, MD; RealSelf member Sara Hoffman