I want flabuless arms

Beauty Cred on 28 Oct 2008 at 1:35pm

It's my 1 year anniversary of yoga practice -- the downward dogs are paying off.  Yoga does tighten up loose body parts but I still don't love my arms.  The back of my arms have decided (convinced they have a mind of their own) to stay loose and large. 

Tempted to try a new undergarment called FLABuLESS that slims, conceals and re-shapes the arms - think Spanx shapewear for the arms.

FLABuLESS founder, Lee Ann Stevenson, clearly understands that I'm not the only woman who has Madonna arm envy.

Stevenson states:  “I noticed that many shapewear companies have developed products that focus on providing a slimming effect to the lower and mid-region of the body, while not even acknowledging the arms, an area that more than half of women are most self-conscious about. How can we ignore this group of women that collectively make up such a large demographic of the shoppers in today’s retail stores?”